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Sixteen Questions with Zofie Kaminsky
« on: January 24, 2015, 09:09:56 PM »

[size=9]Paige Connelly
Staff Reporter[/size]

New and old residence alike live in RhyDin City. Our recent interview with Colleen MacLeod Fenner gave a glimpse into the mind of a long time resident, now we slide to the other end of the spectrum with a newer resident, Zofie Kaminsky.

Settle in with that cup of coffee and get to know Zofie.

1> How long have you been in RhyDin?

I've only been here since September. Lots of stuff goes right over my head, especially since so many people have been here a while and so much seems to have happened way back. It's cool, though, because I get to explore the 'now' of RhyDin and just get little bits of context here and there on why something's turned out one way or another.

2> What is the one thing about life in RhyDin that you love?

The one thing? Uh... I like that I don't have to pay taxes on the warehouse I live in, and that so far, no one's come to demolish it or reclaim it. I have other things I like, like the weird food, and all the stray cats in Dockside, but that's the one that's the most fundamental.

3> Is there anything about RhyDin that you would change?

I'm not sure I can answer this one properly. I just got here, and I feel like a place just is what it is, warts and all, and that enacting change needs some kind of personal motivation toward it. I'm content just making my movies and eating tons of junk, so... yeah, while there's stuff that rubs me the wrong way, it doesn't bother my little happy zone.

4> How did you get here?

Hopefully I don't get locked up for saying this, but I stowed away on a universe-jumping merchant vessel that was coincidentally headed for Star's End. It was making a pit stop to refuel and scoop up some kind of supplies... I don't know what, really. Anyhow, I scrambled out at their first stop afterwards, which happened to be here, and after a rough spot crawling around the Marketplace, I lucked out on finding a busted up warehouse at Dockside that'd been damaged from cannon fire.

5> What kind of movies do you make, and where can we see them?

I do mostly moving sculpture and stop motion stuff with things I've trash-picked or found lying around. Sometimes I'll actually make legit models, but those are for commissions. I dunno if you've seen the ads for the Marketplace Smokin' Crater Barbecue, but I did those, and the "Be Polite Or Get Eaten Alive" and "When to Contact the Children's Pound" PSAs for the West End. Got some friends working on getting a car restoration business going, so be on the lookout for that, too!

6> You've been known to have objects floating around your person. Is this something you include in your movie-making process, or is that cheating?

Oh hell yeah, I do! It's still tricky, but it helps keep me from wearing out my camera by stopping and starting all the live-long day. Problem is, it gets me super-hungry, so I don't know exactly how economical it might be. What's more effective is Spider-Manning on a wall or ceiling to get a good angle. Cranes and booms are a paaaaaaain to rent and maneuver when I don't have all that much space to work in.

7> If you knew you were going to be stranded on a deserted island - what 5 things would you take with you?

Hm. Goggles that match my prescription, a whetstone, a nice axe, a mirror and a weather-tight box of fabric. It's all I need to live comfortably. I'd be concerned about messing up the ecosystem too badly, though.

8> What is something most people don?t know about you? What do they miss when meeting you?

Well, I think the answer to both is that I'm a private person. I'm kinda like a cat; I'm friendly and all, but too much attention just... it freaks me out and scares me off, like... "don't come to me; I'll come to you." What few people I know tell me I'm a technically savvy wild animal, and it isn't far from the mark.

9> Who do you think is fascinating to watch?

Rekah, most definitely. She kinda... fades in and fades out between actions. Kinda wonder why she doesn't talk, but it's not my place to ask. Foster's an interesting character. Tough to talk to, since like... he's waaay out there when it comes to having common ground, but he's always got some seemingly innocuous, but potentially devastating thing going on.

10> What do you admire most about your best friend?

My best friend? Uh... well, back when he was alive, my friend Carlos just... he kept this moral center without giving a reprobate like me too much of a hard time. It was easy to just... switch topics and talk about what our projects were in school, or mech designs without getting into all of the crap I was dabbling in.

As far as friends here, even though I know I'm not her best friend, I admire Mona Oliveira's inability to give a flying crap. She's got this mix of secrecy and laying out what she wants right on the table that I really, really like. She's like The Most Interesting Woman in the World, but... not sponsored by Dos Equis. Also, she... doesn't have a beard.

11> Who is your favorite bartender?

It's a tie between Toby St. Germain and Colleen Fenner... mostly because they're the only bartenders I've met. Still, Toby makes a mean egg nog, and Collie's Manhattans Will. Get. You. Trashed.

12> Who is your favorite caller?

I get prank called by Cuyler Quinn at least once a week, does that count?? Um... nah, I can't really speak on favorite duel callers. It's a fine sport, but I can't get into it.

13> Do you like sweets? What kinds of sweets are your favorites?

I like savory and spicy more than sweets, but I'm a sucker for salt water taffy, especially the ones with all the Old Man flavors like huckleberry and butter rum.

14> How do you get around in RhyDin? Horse, carriage, car, motorcycle etc?

Usually I end up hopping between cars and buses during the day; there's enough traffic that if you can stick to walls and handle sharp turns, it's pretty easy to get around just by using ambient traffic. At night I end up on the RTS, and let me tell you, if you wanna hear messed up stories, riding to Dockside at night will land you at least a few, whether you want to hear them or not.  

15> How big is your tab at the Inn?

Oh god, you mean I have to pay for stuff there??  Uhm... Oh man... in US currency like... upwards of $100K? I eat a lot... a whole lot. I don't even eat fancy. Oh nonono...

16> Have you ever fed the Stew?

I've heard about the Stew... and I've consciously avoided it, in case we end up nullifying each other. We're both card-carrying members of the Clean Plate Club. We may end up in some kind of eating-related battle. That'll be an intense day.