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Sixteen Questions with Colleen MacLeod-Fenner
« on: January 03, 2015, 12:48:23 AM »

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Unless you?re a hermit, you have likely heard of our next guest for Sixteen Questions. Colleen MacLeod-Fenner. This spirited lady is known far and wide for her brownies (which, she was gracious enough to send some to the Post offices. They were gone in less than a minute! ). Also for having a family tree that some of need a scorecard to keep track of.

We had the honor of interviewing her. Below we share that with you. Grab that cup of coffee and enjoy.  

1>   How long have you been in RhyDin?

Long enough to remember that Panther used to regularly tend bar along with Senator Sam Speaks, Ayesha Momus, and Jeremy Kane. Long enough to remember when MacLeod, Amon, and Onyx were the names of big families in town. Maybe too long.

2>   What is the one thing about life in RhyDin that you hate?

I hate it when people are in the inn or some other public place, spitting out their business and airing their dirty laundry at the top of their lungs then they tell people to mind their own business. It?s really hard, especially for those with acute hearing, to avoid listening to that kind of thing.

3>   Is there anything about RhyDin that you would change?

Truth is, Rhydin is always changing. Maybe that?s part of its charm.  We meet new people everyday. Those of us suffering from memory impairment met new people a lot more often!

4>  You have been a fixture in RhyDin for many decades.. How old are you anyway?

You know shouldn't ask a lady that question! Then again, I?ve never claimed to be a lady other than by title. I?ll be 497 on my next birthday.

5>  How many children do you have? There is speculation that you have as many as Icer Shimmerscale.

I?m sorry to disappoint people, but I have no where near as many as Icer Shimmerscale!  If you don?t count those that are a step out of time, I have fourteen living. There are twenty if you count the others.

6>   Who?s the best eye candy?

Besides my husband, Darien, you mean?

For a while, I think Doc Anya was trying collecting a good part of it! I?ve known Antonio for many years. There?s Ali al-Amat; he?s a looker. Ebon Ilnaren, smart, that one!  Rix and G?nort, they?re fine specimens. G?nort?s very witty, excellent sense of humor.  Tass is one of the brave ones, he?ll show us everything he has under his kilt! There?s plenty more, but those are the ones that come to mind.

 7>Would you want to date them?   

 Sure, if I wasn?t already married and they weren?t already attached. I don?t fish in other people?s ponds.

8>   What is your most favorite rumor going around about you?

My favorite rumor is that I?ll bed down with any two legged male in Rhydin. A woman has to have some standards. I kept getting told that mine are too high!  First standard is being physically attractive
Second standard... intelligent or funny, either is good, both is superb! Based on that, there's about twenty percent of the male population of Rhydin that would get my attention. Of that twenty percent, half are either taken or homosexual.

9>   If you knew you were going to be stranded on a deserted island - what 5 things would you take with you?

One of those pop up shelters with the sanitary facilities and water purification systems.
A trunk of comfortable clothes, shoes, and books.
A supply of food to hopefully last until I can find something native to eat.
Some weaponry..
And, of course, my husband! He doesn?t qualify as a thing, though.

10>  What do you admire most about your best friend?/ Enemy?

Truth be told, I just don?t recall if I have a worst enemy or best friend.

11>  Who is your favorite lush?

I suppose that would be Cray. He hasn?t been around in a long time, but he was one of the few that managed to match me drink for drink and and still be able to walk out of the bar.

12>  Do you like explosives?

The most explosive thing about me is my temper! That?s dangerous enough.

13>  Who is your favorite caller?

My favorite caller is no longer active. Nycholas DeGyrlington, who was often called Reiver, is and was my favorite. Of the current crop, my favorite is Dris. He?s easy on the eyes and a fabulous showman!

14>  How do you feel about hookers?

Well, fisherman are a pretty feisty lot like pirates. But I think you mean the other kind. If woman wants to sell her favors to those that will pay, that?s her business. The practice isn?t illegal in Rhydin. It can be dangerous, though. I hear tell some of the customers get rough! That?s why we train the girls in this town to defend themselves from a young age.

15> How much are you stiffin Panther for on your bar tab?

Stiffing Panther? I might be one of the few people in Rhydin that actually pays my account or the tender on duty as the case might be! I pay at the Stars End, too. I tip, too! When I worked those bars, I took a page from the book of Ayesha Momus. She used to keep a jar on the counter that was for the orphanage fund. The kids need the money, neither of us did.

16>  Have you ever fed the stew?/ Who have you fed to the stew?

The Stew seems to like me. I have fed it plenty of times. There?s a reason tenders discourage people from eating that stuff, you know. It?s like ?The Blob,? it will absorb anything. Zombies, I fed it a zombie. What could I do? The zombie was dead set on eating the brains of the patrons. Let?s be honest, some of them need all the help they can get!