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Creating the Divine -mature-
« on: November 29, 2014, 03:52:45 AM »
He found her in the lost woods, a place for discarded annoyances. She, like all others there was lost, without a hope of escape. Her clothes torn, her body broken, her mind worse ? Such was the design on this place, to give you hope, and string you along until you llose all semblance of that hope, and of yourself....
He had to admit, it was designed well.

What he found interesting though about Lucy, was that where most souls locked away in these woods tend to wind up a wandering ghost, or on some mindless mission that hopelessly repeats itself... She however, was interesting indeed. She had lost her mind, of that he was sure... but her madness didn't seem to turn on itself like the others...
No, not this bloody little mess of a soul. Instead of introverting into her own madness, she seemed to be hunting the others. Mutilating them with tooth and nail. It seemed to be a game of hers to view this hopeless new world from the perspective of new eyes, fresh from the socket.

A ravenous one, she was... Indeed... She would make a fine addition to his collection. That's the moment that he decided to acquire her.
You have to understand though, just like any new addition to ones entourage, there is some flux time needed. Time to get to know one another and the expectations that come along. Sometimes the transition is easy, and sometimes the subject needs to be taught what is right, how to think, and so forth... Like a government employee, or perhaps a new dog. Lucy wasn't any different, she would eventually be worth all that hard work... there was a lot of promise to be had in that savage tattered soul.

It started as they all do, with a seed. Normally something innocuous, barely noticed, just a simple seed of his special design. Normally it was planted covertly and left to germinate on it's own, spreading darkness throughout the host, and inseminating them with his voice. It was a wonderful gift to receive. Not only did it connect the bearer to his greatness, and allow them to hear the whispers of the almighty Malcor, Lord God of the abysmal depths. But it also would draw it's power from the darkness surrounding it granting the bearer accelerated healing, added boosts of strength, and overall well being for as long as he felt that you deserved the honor of his blessing. Truly a magnificent gift. But not to worry, it can never be taken away unless he wills it. As all seeds do, in time, his blessing grows roots. Roots that infiltrate the body, mind, and spirit in such a way that it can never be forcefully stolen from away from the bearer, like Bermuda grass for instance. There is no feasible way to remove it without completely destroying everything beautiful about your lawn, and even then... it may still grow back...
For that he preferred her consent, not because he needed it mind you, but because it made it all the more sporting. However, Lucy showed too much promise... Malcor saw something in her that he has been searching for a long time to find... a key of sorts, if you will. One that could unlock everything for his plans. He planted the first seeds in a brier bush, and simply made sure that it would grow to catch her skin as she passed by, covertly planting them in her skin, to burrow down securely inside her.

He then began with simple suggestions, subtle advice in the form of a whisper on her day to day movements. He warned her of rock slides, pointed her toward new prey. Insisted she rest when she needed it most. She fought his voice at first as if it were madness, but eventually relented. In time she began to welcome it, until finally she depended on it. His voice had become her companion, her Last thread of sanity to hold onto. her light in the eternal darkness of the lost woods. Only one last thing to do before she would be truly his... the day came, when he became still, and remained quiet. It was as if the light to her world went out.

He stayed quiet for some time, long enough for her to lose almost all thread of hope. She felt abandoned, alone... and worst of all helpless. A feeling she had never felt before in her life. The pangs brought on by this were breathtaking.
He waited.
Until the time was right, he waited. Until her need was at its greatest, he watched silently.

Then there came the day when he was confident that she was ready for oblivion. He then dispatched his band of tormentors, that prowled these lands. The were bidden to bring her close to death, to ravage and mutilate her body at their will, but not to kill her.
Just as he had forseen, after the ordeal she was ready for the next step.
Poor broken Lucy, left there to rot, she begged, she cried, and pleaded for him to save her, to take her, she gave herself to him.

The next that she knew, she would find herself shrouded in warm darkness, being cradled by her savior. She was naked, but warm, and completely safe. As a baby in the womb she was safe. She was his.
He whispered to her, the elation of hearing him again was more than she could bear. Tears of relief streamed down her face as he cooed to her, informing her that she was safe, that she was with him now. He told her that he would make her into his chosen, that she would shine above the others, that she would make him proud. He warned her that the change was hard, that there was much suffering and pain, that it meant sacrifice more than she could ever fathom.

weak as she was, it was all she could do to whisper 'yes' repeatedly as she wept. In her tears was the promise to weather all, to be his, to bear all difficulty, anything... if it meant she could stay, she could be his forever.

Malcor wiped the blood stained hair from her face, soothing and wiping away her tears with his thumbs before leaning down to her and whispering "Forever and always" before sealing their promise with a kiss. She would taste freedom as he tasted all of her, giving her his gifts and forever changing Lucy's destiny.

Completely spent, she collapsed in his arms, the world around her faded to black

((Photo's credited to the lovely Countess Grotesque))

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Re: Creating the Divine -mature-
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2014, 01:07:57 PM »
After Lucy lost consciousness Malcor opened a portal to his citadel and walked them through. As usual his entourage was waiting for him. Balors stood guard over the two doorways to the main gala, his trusty ward Maya was waiting in front of his throne on one knee for his commands.
'Take this one to the induction chamber' he commanded as he handed Lucy's sleeping body over to the Orok whom would carry Lucy for the tender framed Maya. 'I want her to stay asleep until I am prepaid to begin... Use the nightshade.' said as he gently brushed his hand against Maya's upturned palm, releasing her to do her work.

Maya rose gracefully, placed a finger to her lips, darkly assessing the new girl for  a moment. One would wonder if she was deciding whether or not she would be a threat to Maya's well earned station, but as if she found something quite delicious, she giggled sweetly and suddenly her expression changed to a lovely smile. With one last look at her beloved Nah-Ascha Malcor, she flowed out of the room with a seductive sway to her hips. She led the Orik to the right, up several flights of stairs to the induction chamber. As she turned the corner she couldn't help but smile, this room held such deliciously conflicting memories for her... the vary same he had used to make Maya what she is today.

After a moment of reminiscing her terrible salvation she motioned for the Orok to place the prone woman on a the leather pad on top of the stone cot at the far end of the room. Reaching her fingers into her corset she produced a black vial from between her breasts, ?Lift her head? said to the Orok as she poured two drops of the deadly nightshade between Lucy's parted lips.
?Rest well, little bitch... you'll need it.?

With that Maya turned on a heal, and made her way out of the chamber, locking the bolt as she and her companion departed.

((Photo credited to & the lovely Elisanth))

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Re: Creating the Divine -mature-
« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2014, 02:03:32 AM »
Lucy's memories after being brought to his citedel were fragmented and confused. Time seemed to shift of it's own will, keeping track of it would be maddening. Maya kept telling her that she would get used to it, but it was proving difficult. Perhaps though, that was due to the changes.

When she finally awoke from her dreams of nightshade, Lucy awoke to darkness. Her back groaned in agony as she propped herself up on what seemed to be  a leather pad of some sort. She quickly went about inspecting her body with her hands, her various wounds had been bandaged and smelled of some sort of poultice, clearly whoever brought her here had cared to her.  Her hands quickly went to her face, and to her dismay she realized that the source of the darkness surrounding her wasn't external, it was her eyes... the borrowed eyes she had been using were gone.

She tried to calm herself and take stock of her situation.
Her borrowed eyes were gone. She was taken to this place, wherever it is she couldn't tell with her eyes. Swinging her legs off of the pad and under, she sat up. The floor under her feet was stone... cold, and unforgiving. She reached out and felt as far out as she dared... the pad she was lying on was apparently set on a stone slab, jutting out from the wall... also stone. Maybe a castle?
Moving to stand she braced herself with her arms as she shifted her weight, but fell back as she felt a piercing pain in her side.

Here she was, locked in a cold stone cell, unable to escape... and they had taken her eyes.... and she was alone.
Too much... Too much...
she could remember thinking as she flew into hysterics... dissolving into a screaming lunatic... wrenching at her hair until her scalp was wet with matted blood... Ripping at her bandaged until they lay about her in tatters, gouging at her sockets until the thick blood was rolling down her face and choking at her screams. It wasn't until her cries had stifled,  more out of exhaustion than calm... that she saw him. She had picked herself up and curled into the corner of her little hell of a room. She had tried her best to put the bandages back over her wounds, she used one to stream across her face, in an attempt to hide her empty sockets.
Sobbing in her misery she heard him... like he was shushing a hysterical child... she felt his warm touch on her back... and to her joy and confusion... when she looked up... she saw him! Her eyes were gone.. she was blind.. but somehow she saw him! He was there, a lone vision in the darkness, kneeling down in front of her... and somehow she knew... he had been there all along.

She threw herself into his arms... all she could do was choke back dry sobs while she clung to him fiercely. Desperate not to let go in fear that she'd be alone again.

?I made you a promise Lucy... and I've been here... through it all.?
With that last word, a torrent of half memories erupted in her mind... however for some reason they didn't seem to cause any lasting pain... just thankfullness. Thankfull that in each and every one... he was there.

She saw herself in the clutches of the abominations... them ripping at and ravaging her body, he saved her. Then she saw the horrendous job of mending her body... he had poured a black liquid into her wounds, instantly stopping the pain before a beautiful woman in green stitched her up... Maya... yes, she remembered Maya

She saw him wiping her forehead to bring the fever down as she recovered slowly from her wounds.

In every memory, he was there... in every memory... she loved him.

One memory made her pause, made her brow furrow and her blood a bit colder. The memory of him taking her eyes... It was only flashes, but it was enough. She had no need to see anymore than that.

Maya holding against her forehead as he held her jaw...
The nails of his fingers coming closer and closer toward her field of view...
The immense and unbelievable pain as he plucked her beautiful blue orbs from their sockets....
screams, more and more screams....

 She couldn't help but start to sob again at the thought of her beloved doing this to her.
?Why? Why did you take them??
In response he simply ran his fingers through her hair, calming her... pushing his will through her senses to be at peace... to listen.
?You were blind with them... too distracted by what you thought was real... I needed to take them.?
He then bowed his head and gave her a warm loving kiss on her brow.
?It was the only way I could help you see the world for what it is... the only way I can show you the truth.?