Brenton OConnor Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Brenton O'Connor
Place of Origin:
Ballincollig, County Cork, Ireland
Brenton was the middle child of the O'Connor children and wore one of the many varied looks, having the "tall, dark, and handsome" thing down pat. Nearing 6'2", he had a body that was well kept and skin that was tanned by hours working in the sun.

His dark hair could be worn either messy or meticulously groomed, although he tended to favor the former out of lethargic rebellion. But despite the generally dark looks, his eyes were of a striking blue, something he found to his advantage. As cliche as it may sound, the word "piercing" would come to mind.

Typical clothing, nothing out of the ordinary: jeans, t-shirts, button-ups (always left open), boots. There would be a thick leather jacket, when the weather permitted, almost always accompanied by the roar of his bike. The only thing that stood out was a ring - a silver band, embossed with Celtic knot-work of dragons and centered by a round emerald stone, worn on his right ring finger.
Additional Notes:
He was a sculptor, although he didn't much talk about his work. When Brenton created something, he didn't tend to flaunt it. Sure, he sold his work and it paid for a pretty well-off life, but he had other interests that were far more intriguing to him.

He had a second job, if '"job" could be considered the right word, but he didn't much talk about that either - helped keep the bad things at bay.

He was a bad boy, simply stated. He wasn't shy nor did he lack for any amount of self-confidence and, being that, Brenton was considered the loner of the O'Connor children. Not that he ignored his siblings or didn't care for them - it was quite the opposite. He just had his own way of living that did best by him being on his own. But no matter what, he always found the time to play music with his family. Who else was going to create the sound of his homeland?

Yeah, that's right. This bad boy plays the bagpipes.
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