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Character Name:
Fiona Jeuree Dewil DeAuster.
Half Dúbhlaidh Elf and more
Place of Origin:
Dark Spires, Zymire in the world of Carowyn
A Shadow Mage who slithers the lines of ebony threads like a silent whisper. Resides within the mazes of silhouette blending into the comfort of darker shadows and thoughts.

Displaying only one weapon, the elegant burnished Athame, lays securely upon a hip. A delicately forged dagger radiating a sensation of dark demonic power. Iced green eyes, reflecting the death of spring, glitter in ivory features holding the paleness of winter, faint points on her ears, are framed by a disarray of long Raven black hair rippling in waves to her hips. Her trim lithe form is adorned in night leathers that hugs her body and always keeps her hands hidden with black kidd gloves. She is not one for jewelry but does wear a delicately made silver Celtic Knotwork wedding band upon her hand and a thin, mithril band, with a single black diamond embedded within on a pinky finger.
The Dark Queen of the Realm of Gharnholme, Elder Shadow Mage and retired Assassin of the Duihb Order.
Additional Notes:
Has the inherent ability to manipulate and travel through the shadows. Commands an army of Shadow Sentinels. Well trained in all forms of combat with a notable lean towards more subtle means of dealing death and fear in the form of Assassinations. Mentally speaking, Fiona is not easy to scan. Her thoughts are rigidly contained and seldom offered for casual observations. To attempt this, expect her to respond in a less then pleasant fashion for she finds such actions an invasion of her person.

Happily married to Lucius DeAuster (1995),  Mother to Daniel and Cieara.  Sister of Lorcain DeWil. Daughter of Rhystil and Lyllianne DeWil
Member of the Blood House Onyx
Character Created on AOL 1993.
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I run to seek my refuge from the light
until the darkness once more falls upon me"
Stabbing Westward[/color:3dcb965e30][/size:3dcb965e30]