Tasha Oberon Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Anastashia Morrigan Aldon Oberon
Trueblood Elf in the midst of changing into something else part of her bloodlines of a more celestial nature..
Place of Origin:
Elfhame, Bordertown
A slight frame reaching only 5', with short drifting silver hair that curls around piquant features that shows her nature as a True Blood elf, simply smaller then the usual. Wide silvery eyes with the sheen of violet gaze outward from a fall of bangs twinkling impishly with mischief and easy humor.

No longer defenseless,she has learned the art of fighting, and has learned to control that blood phobia of her past to some degree. She still doesn't care for the sight of blood but doesn't get nearly as sick.
Mage, Natural Born Necromancer, and has her Hobby of hunting Vampires.
Additional Notes:
Child of the Paths. A natural born necromancer, she hails from a long line of Mages gifted with this talent and has accepted it as her destiny. She has also found she has a gifted hand in the use of elemental magics such as fire and does love to throw deadly fireballs when needed and other schools as well such as water, air and earth. The days of clumsy attempts have given way to careful plotting in regards to the use the Arcane.  

Her current Hobbies include, hunting Vampires, one in particular, breaking and entering, and being a spy for her family. She's also still after many years enamored with one Lord Simon Helston but is treading carefully there.

Daughter of Lord Corwyn Oberon of Aldan AKA Raphael and The Butcher of Bordertown.

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