Sabine Adult Wyrm

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Character Name:
Sabine Aubrey- Gabrielle
Place of Origin:
Age: 21

Birthday: October 29th

Height: 5'0

Build: Very petite and athletic.

Hair: Dark Brown and just above waist length.

Eyes: Green

Skin: Fair with olive undertones

As of December 30th, 2015 the curses she carried were removed. (If you would like more information, please PM/IM)
Odd Jobs:Duelist, Model and Spokeperson, Actress
Additional Notes:
Things to know:

1. She almost always wears one of four necklaces given to her as gifts. However right now she wears none.

2. Nicknames: Bean, Campanilla, Bunny

3. She has tics, OCD, & Sensory Disorder. She also does not like being touched if she doesn't know you. It is unknown at this point how recent changes will impact these disorders.

4. She sometimes "collects" things like a ferret. Food, Sal's T-shirts, random things easily forgotten by others.

5. She can speak Spanish but not well. She understands better than she can speak.

7. She wears a rose gold flower ring from Cane, if she is a baronial holder then she will wear the barony ring on her thumb, and she also wears a gold ring on her left ring finger.

8. She wears a bracelet made of wooden beads that has an ivory bead that says 'Breathe'.

9. On her left wrist she has 3 tattoos. A bunny, a snowdrop flower, and a mouse. Each are about the size of a nickel. She also has a black koi fish on her left side torso, a word in Navajo that means strength on her left hip, a watercolor feather with the word "Guardian" on her lower right stomach, an aries constellation on the right side of her right ring finger and a sailor knot on the left side of her right ring finger, and beneath her right breast "tell me a story."

34th Baron of Old Market (April 1, 2015)

20th Baron of Old Temple (September 28th, 2015)

23rd Baron of Dockside (December 20, 2015)

IFL: Undefeated Team Deathcake 7-0 for 2015

IFL: Undefeated as a player 4-0 for 2015

Panther's Claw Winner 4/13/16

19th Baron of Battlefield Park (July 10, 2016)
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