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Character Name:
Rhiannon Brock Túr Gairdín
Place of Origin:
Rhydin, born at GateWay Place
Rhiannon stands five feet eight inches tall and has a lean build. Rhiannon has sapphire blue eyes and her hair color varies from chestnut to black depending on the time of year.

She is the youngest of the three children born to Damon Brock (a son of Zeus) and Colleen MacLeod. Rhi claims John Tasslehofl Momus as the father of her heart.

Friendship blossomed into love and on 27 July 2013, Rhiannon was wed to Eregor. On Samhain in the year 2014 they became the parents of a son, Alinar John, and a daughter, Colleen Orella. A bit over 3 years later, 26 January 2018, a son, Brian Vincent, joined the family.

Duel of Swords:
14th Baroness of Battlefield Park
Former Squire to the Barony of Battlefield Park
Twenty-sixth and Thirtieth Talon of Redwin.
Former Squire to the Barony of Old Temple

Duel of Magic:
Former Holder of the Ring of Klytus (Duel of Magic)
Jack of Many Trades, master of some.
Additional Notes:
Rhiannon has healing abilities and is empathic. She has limited telepathic skills with most people, but her gift is very strong toward animals and magical creatures.

She's handy with a sword and can swing a punch.

The rest, well ... play and see.

(( Portrait used is actress Alexandra Daddario. However, Rhiannon, the character, was created in 1996 and was not inspired by the works of Rick Riordan.))

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