Gemethyst Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Elf of mixed Drow and Grey blood
Place of Origin:
Height:  4' 11"
Hair: Silver
Eyes:  Amethyst
Weight:  86 lbs when in full leather armor and weapons

"To those you resign your secrets, you resign your liberty."

Life is hard.  It chips away at even the best of a soul like the way slow-dripping water eats stone.

The twists, turns, and doublebacks that one's life are comprised of, they're all a Lahar tearing down the fabric of one's heart.

However, it is true that a heart is a pliable thing, able to bend, to break,  and then to somehow recover itself.  

Even so, she is going to keep her thumb on a corner of her heart from now on.  

On the other hand, they say that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

A part of each and every day is spent with her baby daughter, Jewel, who lives with Ezekiel Pearrce.  

Mother to Elemmiire Rei Vyn'Rei, Jewel Pearrce, and Nyx Vyn'Rei.


She never steals from her friends. Never ever.  Well, except once, but that was God-driven and Alain has forgiven her.  At least she thinks he has.  Probably.

Master Thief
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