Sarah Peregrine Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Sarah Peregrine
Place of Origin:
Seattle Metroplex, UCAS
To those on the Matrix, she's just Peregrine.

The avatar of the falcon is a nearly-legendary symbol on the 'Trix nodes, a cool, calm, quiet little character that flits in and out of secure connections with the ease of a heated steel blade through a frozen stick of butter.

Few would know that the one they associate with that steely-blue falcon is in fact a petite, mostly plain, unassuming girl.

None certainly would think to imagine that the girl used to be a teacher, a quiet, mousy little college professor whose Matrix programming course was not only know, but revered...and feared by the students.

All that changed one day when one of her students decked into the Matrix and decided to take a crack at the Renraku mainframe on campus.

The IC fried his brain tissue and left him dead in the classroom. She was blamed for the loss of life, despite having n knowledge of the student's activities, and was fired from the classroom, never to be able to teach again.

And when you have the skills, what else can you do with them?

Become some quiet little deck maintenance and repair sales outlet?

Not hardly. That's not where the money is.
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