Baby Ice Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Icesong Shimmerscale
Ice dragon dragonling
Place of Origin:
from the egg
((Icesong is two personalities in one “form”.
As her hatchling form, she is child-like. Energetic, playful, curious, nosy as kids tend to be.

In her human form, she appears as sixteen year old girl. Her behavior ranges from childish to very adult depending on who she is around.
Full story/explanation can be found here- 16331 ))

a small white dragon hatchling with the bluest of eyes. She is about of size of a cat.  Sweet and Loving in this from, but a tough little dragon. She will fight using her  gifts of the dragon, teeth, claws and tail.

When she is in her human from, older than she should be. Pale blond hair , Pale white skin. The brightest eyes you ever seen.

She is dealing more than a hatchling should be. Gifted with a choker by the incubus, Aukai. Dealing with strong emotions that keep her close to the Carnal Prince.

She is his.

Fighting with her own family and friends with her own decision to accept the gift, they think she is too young to make.  
she is untouched, learning the customs of humans. Still very much a dragon.

She is a bit more protective of her mommy, Icer.

Due infact she works for the Hollows Bio Cell, she dressed a bit better. her boss is Ivy. She no longer worked for the living vampire. She was nicknamed Icey.

She is dating,

*Update* Icesong has grown up alot these days. She still acts young sometimes. and she loves to be in her small white hatchling, she has a slightly bigger form also.
a baby
Additional Notes:
She has some Ice Fire. but she can glow really bright like a star.

she was inbued with the spark of a planeswalker, power untold given to her at the whim of another. all she has to do is take a hold of it. shes the youngest planeswalker to date.
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