Sylva Wyrmling

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Character Name:
She is a piece of a puzzle. Every part of her is a mystery wrapped in a conundrum tied with uncertainty.

Standing 5'2", Sylva is a shadow of a shadow. Her gaze can feel heavy to those that catch her heterochromia eyes. Auburn hair has been sliced uneven and tends to be a bit on the wild side despite her enjoyment of having her hair being played with.

While she is indeed a shadow of a shadow...she has broken from what fate that life would of brought and has started to forge her own path. With caring people guiding her forward who knows what future this one holds.
Waitress at Nicole's Bistro and Pizzeria
Additional Notes:
♦ enhanced
♦ sleight of hand
♦ small/medium blade combat (daggers, knives, short swords, etc)
♦ lockpicking
♦ stealing

More hobby-ish (to date) are making trinkets out of small bottles, chainmaille jewelry, and wood creations.  She also enjoys tribal fusion dancing (with/without swords and/or blindfold) and horseback riding, and reading. If she is at the Teas 'n Tomes you best believe her nose is in a book!
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