Julian delRonan Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Julian delRonan
A most ancient bloodline, appears elven
Place of Origin:
Morhaven, in the realm of Zymier
A modest 5-11, The second son of the Duke delRonan would not stand out in a crowd, unless it was by his demeanor; quiet, piercing lavender eyes taking in the surroundings at a glance. Hair the color of midnight falls straight to frame pale lean features, the elegant ears denoting his elven blood poking through. At home in court or wayside inn, Julian will be dressed for the occasion: Elegant silk and satin poets shirt and overcoat when dictated, and simpler black cotton vestments and breeches when abroad. Always the heavy high-topped black boots and bucklers are worn, as is a necklace under all with the emblem of his house, a dragon entwined around an oak.

Normally Julian bears paired daggers, the blades riding in twin sheaths. He is also known to carry a longsword at times, and other tools will be concealed for use as needed.
Shadow-legionnaire of the Duibh Order
Additional Notes:
Freed from the duties of courtly service due to his position of birth, Julian has trained with the Duibh Order, entering the ranks of the shadow-legion. He is skilled in the manipulation of the shadows, bending them to his will as weapons and defensive measures, as well as a mode of travel. Both training and his bloodline allow him to survive The Shadow-Weave while wounded for a longer time than most. He is also an accomplished bowman and horseman, and even at times has enjoyed the sport of fishing.
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