Miranda Branson Adult Wyrm

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Character Name:
Miranda Branson
Place of Origin:
Dublin, Ireland
Miranda has long red hair that she wears in many different styles depending on her mood. She has a lightly tanned athletic form the color of pale rose gold. Miranda has a heart shaped face, complimented by mint green eyes carrying hints of silver and full soft pink lips.
Most of the time Miranda is in a corseted, full length dress to compliment her status as a noble lady of Ireland. If she is working in her blacksmith shop along side her father she will wear a black leather apron and gloves over top of her dress.
Leader of Bristle Crios, Enchantress and Blacksmith
Additional Notes:
Miranda is an accomplished blacksmith, known for her hidden weapons. She creates what looks like a simple metal flower that from a distance looks real, but once enchanted it will transform for its master into a strong weapon. She has never enchanted anything other than her metal works because of the church keeping a close eye on her and her family.
The Branson's are an old noble family of Ireland, and for their beliefs the church has continued to watch their every move in order claim witch craft and kill them.
Miranda's father became worried at the continued aggression of the church and agreed to the wedding of his daughter to the vampire Morgan in the hopes that the church would respectfully allow the family a moment of joy.
During the wedding the church's henchmen stormed the wedding and had it not been for her father transporting her, she would have been tortured and burned at the stake.
Leaving Ireland for Rhy'din, Miranda opened her own forge Croi Teine. Through trials and tribulations, Morgan Doyle found her and for a brief time they were happy, but it was becoming clear that this was not their time, that they were not the same as they had been. Even so Morgan Dolye died saving Miranda and Angel.
It has taken time, but now happily settled in a house on the Bristle Crios grounds with her adopted daughter, Angel, hand in hand they face the world of Rhy'din together surrounded by their friends and members of the coven.
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[color=green:0676bcc044][i:0676bcc044]While I have breath, I hope.
Branson family motto
Leader and shared heart of Bristle Crios.[/i:0676bcc044][/color:0676bcc044]