Crymmsun Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Crymsun Moranya Taliesin LeFey o' Oberon a.k.a. Sun
She has moved beyond her Pict Elvin heritage
Place of Origin:
Isle of Avalon
Lithe, at 5'7", she can move with the grace born of Gods.

Silken waves of scarlet flame fall softly from fey pointed ears - now covered in a soft auburn down of fur - brushing gently against the backs of her knees. Those tresses an offset to a dark fire oft dancing in eyes of ash.

You could lose yourself in that visage of delight - pale skin and coy smile - overlooking death encased behind blood red lips. Razored points now elongated and thickened beneath a decisive feralness about her mouth and nose.

Married to Her One, Long Lankyn. Twice bonded to her luvvie, LdyBelial, co-owner with Sun in the Oak and Ash.

She appears to be in her late teens, and, at times, acts like the spritely teen she appears.
Lady of Blood House Onyx, Rhydin. Family morale head and political liaison. High Priestess of Avalon.
Additional Notes:
Conceived at Beltaine, she saw nineteen Beltaines pass in the lands of her birth. Then to the Darkness she was born - year 1178 by the humans' mark. Embraced again by ex-sire, the dhampir Daemonshi (who named her Sun), while new to Rhydin.
Stripped of Changeling and Vladslace blood by MasterDeth's genetic magery, he created her anew - a unique species of vampiric nature, vampeal bonus, and surprise. Sun holds command of something she calls the "Nether." Never fully explained, this is, perhaps, because she has yet to fully explore it in all the centuries it has been at her call. Obviously a pocket dimension/dimensional Gateway of some sort, Sun mostly utilizes it like a glorified junk closet.
(("born" 4/95))
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