Toby Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Toby St. Germain
Place of Origin:
Star's End, Rhydin.
"If the future's looking dark,
We're the ones who have to shine..
If there's no one in control,
We're the ones who draw the line..
Though we live in trying times,
We're the ones who have to try..
Though we know that time has wings,
We're the ones who have to fly.."

- St. Germain family motto*

Toby tends to look a little younger than he actually is. It's nothing supernatural, though - just good genes. The easygoing, occasionally-mischievous nature helps a bit too.

Just over 40 years old. 5'9", average build. Cobalt blue eyes. Brown hair that's lighter or darker at times, it's about halfway to shoulder length these days. Often found wearing a black Akubra (Australian fedora). Unremarkable pants and shirt, darker colours are the preferred scheme. Always believes in a good, sturdy pair of boots. Wears an old silver and emerald ring on his right hand, and his wedding band on his left. Rumored to have some tattoos, though it's rare they're uncovered. If he's armed, you're going to have to look for it.
Take your pick: Family man, pilot, inventor, explorer, teacher, Knight of Eldicor and pianist. The General Manager of Star's End Bar, and teacher.
Additional Notes:
More than can be written here.

As of 29 November 2015, Toby was knighted by Queen Teleperien of Eldicor, in recognition of his service to the realm.

Psion of considerable power and depth. Not widely known, and perpetually cloaked - but those with sufficient talent may perceive something. Please talk to me OOC first.

Really likes knives. Rather good with them, especially throwing them - or in fact anything pointy and/or vaguely aerodynamic.

Character origin: Star's End(AOL), 1998.
Player goes back quite a while beyond that. Well over 21.

NOTE:  This screen name no longer has any relevance for RDI/DM site administration. Any requests should go through Contact Us, or you can reach me in an emergency at the screen name "BW".  I do not check this name's mailbox regularly anymore and can't guarantee any sort of timely response.

* - Lyrics from 'Everyday Glory', written by Neil Peart (c) 1993.
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