Marin Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Marin Lassiter
Place of Origin:
Brambles Orchard, outside Rhy'Din proper
Like many people whose talents are not suited to the life they were born into, Marin Richards left home at an early age to pursue her dream with her parents' encouragement. It wasn't as though she was needed in Brambles at the time; her brother, Gregory, was growing up to be a fine candidate for the next owner of the orchard and perry-making company.

Allowed to study music to a high standard, first with tutors and then in university, Marin flourished outside the orchard where she had been born. After graduating, she made the decision to try her hand at a career in music on one of the many Earths. While never a well-known name, she did make a success of her love of music, supplementing her income by tutoring children and adults in piano and classical guitar. It was expected that she would slowly rise to the top of the industry and remain there for many years to come.

But it was not to be. Tragedy struck when Marin was 20 - her father and brother were both killed during a particularly wild storm, crushed under a falling tree as they sought to shore up its limbs against the wind. Despite her grief, her mother insisted that Marin continue on Earth, never saying a word about the troubles she herself was encountering. As Marin flourished, Brambles Orchard fell into disrepair and neglect, her mother too proud to ask for the help she needed to keep the land and company successful.

So well did she keep this secret that Marin did not discover the extent of the damage to her childhood home until after her mother's death six years later, when the executor of the will explained it all in every detail. With regret, but determination, Marin steeled herself to abandon music, and turned her attention to the revival of her family's business, in memory of her parents, hoping to wipe clean the stain of their disastrous tenure as the farmers of Brambles Orchard.
Musician. Co-owner of the Brambles.
Additional Notes:
Happily married to Evan Lassiter on the 4th May, 2012.
Mother to Caleb Evan Lassiter, born 27th December, 2012.
Adopted Maggie Mae Lassiter - taken out of time, but equivalent birth date is 2nd August, 2005.
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