Calypso Wyrmling

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Calypso Celiel
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She isn't one them gals who can't leave the house without dressing up and putting on makeup - truth be, she barely wears lip gloss. While she does clean up rather nicely, more often than not you will find her in grease stained shorts and tanktop, raven hair tied back in a high ponytail and blue-green eyes passionately focused on some project.

Her mother spent years trying to sway her to be a  medical doctor but under the influence of her grandpa that just wasn't gunna happen. Then her parents died during an invasion and her grandpa took her in.  Everything changed that day.

During the first few months of living with him she witnessed that he spent most nights developing and working to re-frame Gears. It became a passion that started out small and by the time she was in her early twenties it turned into a full bloomed obsession. Not that her obsession was limited to Gears. She was inspired to few projects of her own though she isn't willing to share any of them with outside sources.
(Gear) Maintenance and Engineer back home. In Rhydin she is a Machinist for Batten Industries
Additional Notes:
This is one of those women who don't mind getting their hands dirty. Cal has been known to take things apart and put them back together just for the hell of it or see how they tick.
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