Maria Koi Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Maria Koi
Place of Origin:
Ireland; 38 A.D.
Maria is 23 years old... at least that is what she looks like. Her bright blue eyes like to look through people. Short blonde hair sits under a black cap unless she is in a mood to take it off. Following her heritage she cut a piece of an old kilt up and sewed it to her new skirt. Being the flirt she is, her white shirt is only held closed with a tie and part of her short jacket. The skirt sits high on her thigh and even higher when she sits down. The hose that are pinned to a black garter under her skirt, cling to her long legs. The white boots go along with the shirt. She stands 5'10" flat footed but with the heels she is 6'0".

She carries a guitar (a sword in disguise) on her back most of the time. A dagger hangs around her waist plus two boot knives.

A ring used to sit on her left hand but it is put away in a safe place. Her ex-husband has tried to kill her more than she can count. Now she has put the ring away and has tried to erase the memories of the man who she used to call hers.
Dancer, Hire to Kill, Guitar Player
Additional Notes:
She is an excellent at throwing knives. Wielding a sword has become a second nature to her. Her speed is twice as a normal vampire with the blood of the one that sired her in her veins. Her dagger is her prized possession that she uses in ever battle, even if it is to just taunt.

Weakness is not something she will admit. Though not having enough blood in her system will have her lagging. Walking out in the sun will kill her. She does NOT sparkle in the sun, instead you will find dust in the wind.
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