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Character Name:
Lady Aja Bird
Place of Origin:
Ballentine-Stolen at birth, raised by gypsies
Birth date unknown. Looks to be mid 20's, but is older. 5'6" Long wavy hair-auburn most of the time. Until a mood strikes to change it. Amber/copper colored eyes, slender build. Easy going, has a good sense of humor. Likes to appear kind of goofy, befriends almost anyone. Keeps the happy mood most of the time, will speaker harsher thoughts when pushed.
Arcadia Captain of the Breeze, Ship Yards Owner, Ship Builder, Tavern Owner, Dueler, General Misfit
Additional Notes:
Aja was given to the Quistguard gypsy clan by her older brother Serm. He wanted the throne to himself and tried to do away with his siblings, Ajay and Aja.  

Tristan Larson is her ex husband.

Aja can read thoughts. But, it is not something she attempts to do very often or even sometimes on purpose.
From her time with the clan, Aja has various spells and charms protecting her from different types of harm.

Her friends are her family. Blood matters, but she has placed those not blood, at the same level of importance. Family to Aja means everything.  Her children most of all.
Trevor, Mara & Hochi.

Her skills and talents are many. She uses them as she sees necessary.

Blesser Of Meatballs named Jerry
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~Lady Aja Bird~
Falling through your sphere, All I know is you and here. Your tongue is fire when you speak But you make me sing