Reiko Souma Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Reiko A. Souma
Place of Origin:
Camden, New Jersey, Terra
Feature(s): A faint pink scar of where the words "Pink Widow" was once burned into her upper left arm is visible roughly five inches (fourteen centimetres) from her shoulder. Bubblegum pink hair is now kept cut above her shoulders, azalean pink eyes, very white skin, and the absence of eyelashes have often mistaken Reiko for an Albino or a cosplayer.

Personality: Reiko is generally friendly to anybody that she meets, given they don’t say or do anything to irk her. Most of the time, it’s hard to test her temper. Badmouth her friends, however, and it’s game over for the offending party. She is very protective of her feline family, the Emperor penguins (her reason for the nickname of Penguin Queen, which Andu gave to her), and butterflies.

A pair of sunglasses with pink or black lenses is always on her person due to the absence of eyelashes, for protection from any sort of particles which might otherwise affect her keen visibility.

***Updated 14 November 2017: Due to retirement from role-play activity on RDI and RoH, Reiko is NOT part of any storyline and thus any references to her should NOT be made in anyone’s present storyline. That includes the recent association with her to a supposed case of "rabies" as made by Johnny Juonichi Matsune shortly after zero hour EST this morning.***
Medically retired S.D.F. Regional Ranger Admiral, part-time barmaid and candle=maker throughout Rhy'din
Additional Notes:
Weapon(s): Souma Katana, a twenty-seven inch blade which has been in the Souma family for centuries, is the family heirloom and Reiko’s most prized possession. It is said that anybody who touches it, but hasn’t earned the Souma wielder’s utmost respect and trust, will suffer an unfortunate fate. Nobody has yet to try finding out what that fate is…yet.

S.D.F. Military-Issue Bow, issued to archers who have achieved the elite rank of Ranger Admiral, is Reiko’s preferred weapon. The Rune Arrows that she uses are made by Reiko herself; the wood is fletched from yew trees, and the arrows are hand-chiseled from pieces of rune which have been mined and blessed by the only priest who shares Reiko’s belief in Fate as a divine guiding force.

*Since Reiko's return to Rhy'din in August 2015: By an interesting twist of events, the Nexus can be thanked for introducing Reiko to her interest and admirer, Bond. As of the Governor's Yule Ball in December 2015, the two are dating steadily. Reiko has also tried her hand at ventriloquism, but doesn't consider herself so great at it just yet, so she has taken up wood-carving in September and to date has made wooden crafts for orphans throughout Rhy'din. She has also developed a particularly soft spot and passion for orphans, being an orphan herself, and longs for the day where she can visit the orphans at the West End.

She seems to have started to take after her Kitton nieces (primarily Rosie, Mayflower, and Wander) in adopting selective individuals she feels she can trust into her "family."

• Xenograg - Father
• Corwin Shadowkill - Younger Brother
• Murelle Greymanetle - Older Sister
(Being an orphan, Reiko considers herself the only member of her biological family; her "heart-family," which she's been adopted into by Rosie and the Kittons, is actually numbered in the several hundred.)

Duel of Swords:
• First duel: 27 January 2016 (est.)
• Advanced rank (Swords): ---
• Advanced rank (Fists): Glass to Jade, August 2016

[WWW is a link to Reiko's page, where her complete profile is in the "Notable Illustrations" album. A more direct link will be found in the story folder, "Hit Me," soon. Role-play is generally age-friendly; mun supports inclusiveness and won't exclude anybody who wishes to be involved. Please message me if you would like to consider a storyline detail with my Reiko. :) ]
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"A bon jour bone euvre."
[For a good day, a good deed.]
- French proverb, 1307

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