Rachael Blackthorne Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Rachael Blackthorne
Place of Origin:
Seattle, WA
The woman who is currently known as Rachael Blackthorne silently appears.

Her intense sapphire blue eyes both framed by jet black bangs and hidden behind Lunar Gray Gargoyles coolly peer into the eyes of those she meets.

An old, slightly jagged scar distinctively marks the forty-nine year old woman's otherwise unlined by age tanned face. It runs from her left temple, along her cheekbone, and stops at the side of her chin. Another thin scar was lividly etched under her jawline by a friendly blade. Both scars were the result of hard lessons learned during her stay in Rhydin.

Standing at 5' 9", Rachael's slender build, clad in black from throat to foot, still reflects her athletic tendencies.

A gold band with a diamond and a gold band with a sapphire both encircle her left ring finger, both rings crafted by and given in love by her husband Ian Blackthorne.

Seven obsidian daggers concealed on Rachael's person are available at a moment's notice.

An expert in the use of firearms, her favored weapon is the Shield Enterprises ThugBlaster 2500.

Even unarmed, she is by no means defenseless.

Out of character information: This character is multilingual. IM me for specifics.
City Guard/Detective, Special Victims Unit, 11th Precinct
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