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Character Name:
Colleen MacLeod
Place of Origin:
Collie stands roughly five feet, six inches tall. Her eyes are blue, flecked with green. When certain strong emotions hit her, her eyes become like two emerald gems aflame.

Her hair is chestnut, brown with strong red-gold highlights. However, at certain times of year, her hair shows the red vividly.

Her ears come to gentle points marking her as one of the many faery races.

She often appears in tartan skirts or riding pants.

Collie can communicate with all animals, magical and mundane; telepathically as well as in many of their own languages. She has an especially strong connection to equines of all types.

A woman of many talents; a healer by nature and by choice, a warrior by necessity and destiny. Colleen does have magical abilities.

She has always found motherhood to be the most challenging job she has ever undertaken.

Former bartender (RDI and SEB) and dueling official.
The following is OOC info:

Character was brought to online play in 1995 in AOL's FFGF.

A note on telepathy - all animals includes people. Collie tends to avoid reading the minds of others unless it's directed to her or about her. She feels it's rude to prod the minds of others without permission unless their life is at stake. (Such as being unconscious) However, if something even perceived as an insult is "thought" at or about her, she is likely to respond verbally or with her own thoughts. In short, if it goes to screen, it's fair game.

A note on magic and other talents - Many of Collie's abilities have been established over several years of play and in story posts. If you'd like more information, please PM me.
Varied, but primarily mother and horse breeder
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