LordTravanix Adult Wyrm

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Character Name:
Lord Travanix
Place of Origin:
Imperial City, Coruscant, Inner Rim
The black uniform that wraps around this cold man blends into the night. His brown hair is cut short, in a traditional military style. The pockets on either thigh hold silver neckbands for the purpose of marking his slaves. A utility belt hangs off his hips, containing multiple tools he has found useful over the years. His form is athletic and strong, though his flesh is cold because of the cloning techniques used to keep him "immortal".

His personality was once described by a dying witness: Imagine your most terrifying nightmare given physical form. A man with no soul, no heart. A man who's hobby is slavery, torture, and death. A man with a mind for science and tactics. A man who has given himself to darkness. A darkness that has given him power to rival "gods"! A man that can die...but is reborn stronger from each death. Then give that nightmare a name... Travanix
Slaver, Assassin, Businessman
Additional Notes:
His mind is one of his most powerful weapons. His knowledge of tactics and fighting styles has no equal. His studies of science, chemistry and biology aid him in creating truly evil experiments that he carries out on slaves and other unfortunates. Carries the traditional weapon of Force users: A lightsaber. The blade is a red/orange color.

Bonded to each forearm, is a metallic bracelet, that at his mental command, can extract a metal that will en wrap each hand, turning each finger into razor sharp talon. This only makes his already extraordinary hand-to-hand combat far more deadly. All of these elements, (Mind, Talons, Saber, and Immortality) mixed with his knowledge and power of the Dark Side of the Force, make him a killing machine unmatched by any other being in the universe.
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Listen to your heart as I corrupt your mind...violate your body...and dominate your soul.