Chryrie Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Chryrie Helston Skye (It's pronounced Sher-rye-ree)
Goddess, previously half moredhel elf/half faerie
Place of Origin:
MidKemia, the Northlands
She's five foot eight and lithe. She has kaleidoscope eyes that constantly swirl various colors with her emotions.  While she never wears shoes anymore, she does have a band of rainbow obsidian around one ankle.  There is a small solitary braid in her ankle length black hair. It's woven with ribbons, trinkets, and feathers from friends and lovers.  Some of them are (in no particular order)...

A glass heart with a drop of blood inside - Calix
A black feather - Darkmere Alcar
A few bits of broken chain - Zonker
A rainbow ribbon - Jack Scot
A few red feathers - Druid
A snake charm - Rick Jones
A crystal butterfly (infused with some of his ashes) - Jinx
A burned and battered bell - Jinx's Ghost
A silver pentacle - Qeallion
A ring of blue flames - Enazni
A tiny steel hawk in flight - Hawk Jahad
A flame charm - Dracos
A phoenix feather - Io
A few wooden beads - Vyska
A cuff from Khoom is woven through the braid and attached to her ear.
An intricately decorated Tsuba - Izumi
A charm of a howling wolf - Reiko
A weathered coin - Georg Aurdon
A wood heart with a rose carved in it - Noah Bird
A tiny hannya mask carved from micarta - Eri
A small pearl victorian style teardrop pendant - Barnaby Silvertongue

(If you have given her a trinket for her hair and it's not listed, let me know so I can add it!)
Goddess of Forsaken Women.    Her mortal years were spent healing, either through magical or the mundane ways of doctoring and veterinarian studies.
Additional Notes:
Her state of mind has a few names.  Eccentric, insane, crazy, lunatic, a couple sandwiches short of a picnic basket.  It was the price she paid for the amount of power she wields.  She once was sane. While she spent centuries learning every type of magic she could get her grubby hands on, her constant need to obtain more power through the years chipped away at her mental health.  Eventually she became a psychotic woman who could flip within seconds from demolishing entire cities in rage to a giggling girl who would heal all your boo-boos.  

Her mortal shell was burned away.  Then her demi-god body faded away as she gained more followers, pushing her even further up the deity food chain despite her attempts to avoid it.  But she was a goddess of Rhydin's creation, therefore she would continue to walk Rhydin's streets.
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