Maranya Valkonan Old Wyrm

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Character Name:
Maranya Tatiana Ergin-Falconne
Place of Origin:
Myrr, on Chronos
Forty-one year old Maranya Tatiana Ergin-Falconne combines charm, grace and intelligence in an attractively tall (5'10") package.

Her summer wear consists of silk calf length dresses in various styles and colors, and silk knit tunics and leggings, also in various styles and colors.

The bulk of Maranya's dark blond hair flows in a simple ponytail down her back, though some hair also falls in soft waves to her shoulders.

Platinum wire rimmed glasses accentuate rather than detract from her hazel eyes. Though they are worn only when needed....

She wears an emerald, diamond and amethyst band on her left ring finger, and a necklace shaped like a lion, phoenix and falcon, all in platinum. Tokens of love from her husbands Alper and Antonio.

Maranya keeps a lot of odd things in her black leather satchel -- including but not limited to aromatherapy candles, quartz chunks and acupuncture needles. Of course she also carries various traditional medical supplies. And, oddly enough, bits of paper to fold. Somehow.
Wife, Mother, Doctor, Healer, Chief of Staff at Riverview Clinic, Emerald Killer (in the Outback). Talon winner Summer and Fall 2009
Additional Notes:
Maranya is a skilled surgeon, psychiatrist, and general practitioner. She also practices medicine through Alternative Means.

Out of Character information: Maranya speaks and understands fluent Myrrian, which is equivalent to Earth Russian. I the player, however, do not speak Russian. Feel free to PM me a translation if your character speaks in Russian to mine.

My character does not believe in, nor is she ever affected by, the Nexus.  Please do not assign any disappearances of my character's screenname from the room to "The Nexus".

I play with people, not at them.  Those players out there who don't understand the difference will be ignored.
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