Kitty Helston Adult Wyrm

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Character Name:
Kitty Onyxfire Helston
That's complicated. Originally moredhel elf.
Place of Origin:
MidKemia, the Northlands
She's six foot tall, broad shouldered, toned, and viciously agile when required.  She has long black hair, yellow serpent eyes, and a black furry panther tail that has a mind of its own.  Black talonish claws extend from her fingertips and are capable of ripping through metal if she so chooses.  

Her black leather pants have the pockets replaced with little "bags of holding" so she can keep hundreds of items in there without losing the skin tight look.  Knives are usually tucked into the top of steel toed boots.  Five teardrop and leaf shaped gems hang from either elvish ear making ten total, but no two were alike.  Her Helston ring was on her left hand, indicating she was married to her job.  The band of golden roses with sapphire centers was now on her right hand, serving as a silent reminder.

While her bust has become infamous during her twenty-some years in Rhydin, she has never been one to deny anyone, male or female, the joys of a special hug.
The Hugh Hefner of Rhydin. Current Matriarch of House Helston.  CEO of Helston Holdings (they deal with "adult" entertainment... in all forms), former mercenary, former Rhydin Governor (the first one!)
Additional Notes:
She has the enhanced senses of a feline or dragon, as well as the uncanny ability to land on her feet.  Strong enough to pick up and throw a bus.  

Carefully guarded psion.  She will not intrude into a person's mind unless she has permission or the situation at hand requires it.  Attempts to break through her mental shielding WILL NOT WORK!  

Has some magical abilities, but if she can achieve the same results without using them, she will do so.  She can teleport objects if she has touched them and has a clear idea of where it is and where it is going.

She's able to shift to a black panther, or to her fully elven form at will, but prefers to stay in her hybrid form.  She also grows small black dragon scales over her skin when she feels threatened. On a very rare occasion she will take on a form that is a mix of dragon and panther that destroys everything in her path.

Years as a mercenary means she can use nearly any weapon handed to her.  Her favorite is a plasma cannon, but if she needs something "normal" sized, she will bring out a 12 gauge pump-action sawed-off shotgun that's covered in runes and glyphs.

Mother of Mia Malign, Tyladi Onyxfire, and Tru Onyxfire.  Grandmother of Hochi Bird Onyxfire.
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