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RDI Playables / Beltane Notice! Date Changes!!
« on: April 29, 2012, 04:44:39 PM »
**Please Take Note**
After much consideration we have decided to change the date for Children's Day and the Ball.
The Masquerade Ball will be held May 5th at 9:30pm (EST) and Children's Day will be held May 6th.
So change your planners accordingly!

(( Dates for the Children's Day and Ball have been rearranged so people can stay up late to get their party groove on.

If you have any questions, opinions, or well just want to say something to me feel free to PM Katt.

Beltane 2012 (Beltane Collection Thread) ))

Dragon's Tales / Re: Mors Certa, Hora Incerta
« on: April 26, 2012, 02:20:47 PM »
.: April 12th - After Dark :.

It had been three days since her talk with Edward and she had lots of time to think about things. Normally she'd hate that. She would of worked herself into a rut just to avoid thinking about certain..things. But it was hard to work yourself into completely and utter exhaustion when you are recovery.

Well okay it wasn't that hard. She would spend endless hours at the training facilities if that was the case. However, she was not yet ready to push herself into such a state. Recovery was difficult enough as is and she did have things she wanted to think about these days. It didn't hurt to allow her mind to wander as much. It didn't depress her and now she didn't have to worry about triggering the blackouts.

Lots of things had changed.

Hadn't changed enough that she failed to notice that Edward locked himself down in the basement. She was tempted to ask Diana if he was alright. She was pretty sure if he wasn't Dianan would of told her by now. He was probably nose deep in some project. Oh she had not missed that look in his eyes while they had talked after the meeting. He had a itch he needed to scratch and there was very little that would get in his way.

As long as he was okay that was all that mattered to her. Itch away there buddy. Itch away.

Granted..She was curious what he was up to!

Maybe in another day or two she would ask Dianan if he was okay. He had some sort of fridge in the basement right? Food, water, etc? One day..Oh one day she was going to get a sneak peek down there, damn it. Maybe she could talk Leo into sneaking her in there. Mwhahha.

Okay that was bad of her. She couldn't help but snicker at the thought as her hand nudged the door open to the penthouse. She was just returning from the facilities and doing some sneaky stuff around town so she was ready for a shower.

The smell hit as if she had walked square into a wall. Heavy seasoning filled the air and she quickly stepped in, heeling the door closed loud enough to be heard. It was almost overpowering how strong the smell was and all it did was aid the want to know..what the heck it was!

Dufflebag and towel dropped at the side of the door she quickly made her way to the kitchen and what she found only made her blink. There hovered over the plastic draped island was Edward, twisting and pulling at the tail end of a mini lobster? Baby lobster? Whatever it was it seemed like he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

" the world..are you eating?" she managed out and was a bit offset by the grin he gave her. It was one of those grins you were not sure if you should grin back or take off running for your life.

The crimson crustaceans was presented to her then he went on explaining what it was. Crawfish. Crayfish. Crawdaddies. There seemed to be a number of names for these little guys. While he explained she inched closer and poked at one. They were heavily seasoned and she figured it was so that the seasoning made it past the shell to season the meat? Scattered among the pile of crimson was potatoes, small bits of corn on the cob, onions, lemon halves...

It was making HER hungry!

He demonstrated by pinching the tail and pulling it free from the upper end of the crawfish. Good thing the little guy was dead right?

Boiled. What a way to go...

Catching the meat between his teeth he pulled it free from the shell with ease and with hunger of a man who hadn't eaten in days gobbled it dow. To her it seemed a bit more effort then filling but he was eating and that was all that mattered. The claws came next once the shell of the tail was discarded onto the plastic. Snap. Snap.

Then..Then he did something that just totally grossed her out. A finger went into the upper end of the carcass and ..

...please tell me he is not doing what I thought he is doing...

Withdrawing his finger showed a bunch of goop on his fingertip which he eagerly gobbled up.

"Edward you did not just-- EW!!" she was gawking at the man when he sucked the head of the crawfish for what he missed. "EW!!"

He grinned. Like the cat that ate the canary after stealing the cream. "C'mon, de bes' part is suckin' de brains out!"

"SICK!!" She spluttered the reply along with laughter as he chased her around the island with the crawfish head. Maybe Edward did become a zombie! That is why he was like that during the meeting. She'd have to keep an eye on him. Yes she would!

When they settled he did end up explaining to her that some liked it..some didn't. She didn't thank you very much. Ew. He took the time to peel a tail for her to let her try. It wasn't all that bad. She liked the spice. much effort for so little meat..

While he taught her to properly peel a tail she eased into something she had been antsy to talk to him about. The Beltane was coming up and while nobody knew it was her who was setting everything up he would no doubt find out now that he was out and about. She explained everything..the sneaking out at night to set up the decorations, the planning..everything. It had not been easy but he didn't have to worry. Not even her scent was out there to be traced. It was like she was some unseen force throwing Beltane at the people. She needed this though. Despite still recouping it was driving her nuts just sitting around.

Now came the part she needed to get off her chest. Security. It would be needed, specially for children's day. She wanted the small ones to have a safe area to roam. To her delight he was eager to offer the assistance of his security team. That was one less thing to worry about.

Once he had his fill of the crawdads they continued to peel away at the little suckers. He had explained to her the number of dishes that they could be used for so the extra would be stored. He seemed like his old self again. Rested and full of energy. It made her smile. He was darn lucky she wasn't going to grill him on his doings and that he should be sleeping more properly.

She sorta had no room to speak!

Dragon's Tales / May 6th - Children's Day (setting)
« on: April 25, 2012, 10:32:43 PM »

The glen had been cleared, ashes from the bonfires and anything left behind after the night was nowhere in sight. Decorations for the more family day had been prepared. Streamers and flowers littered the area, flowing from booths to tables. Many of the booths had been opened up to the kids to roam around freely, the area secured to protect the youth of Rhy'din. A perimeter was set up, wide but always overlooked by men sporting the Batten logo. This way the children were able to roam free, enjoy the activities, pick flowers, and enjoy the day without getting lost or in any danger and parents were able to rest assure that their offspring was safe.

Tables are set with lemonaid drinks of different flavors, waters, and juices for the kiddies. As well as tables of sugary goodness. Pink and white chocolate covered pretzels, lollipops, small chocolates, peppermints, and rock candy sticks. There are also cakes and cupcakes surrounded by mini maypoles just waiting to be consumed by tiny people.

There are also small circlets of flowers and leafy greenman masks for the children to sport while running around.

A stall is opened for face painting done by two sisters dressed in matching masquerade outfits. They eagerly await to paint faces young and old. Just tell them what you want or leave them to their creativity. Either way you will not be disappointed!

The firedancers have came out during the day to preform for the children. A trio of sisters with their fans will even, under carefully planned conditions, teach the children how to firedance with fans.

Musicians will be playing foot tapping ditties for children to dance to. This includes dancing with ribbons and wrapping the Children's May Pole! Children will be informed of the colors and what they represent ahead of time. So grab a ribbon and get to moving those tiny feet! The colors represent: Red - strength, Blue - healing, Green - home or money, Yellow - new beginnings, help with school, Orange - friendship, Pink - self-love, Purple and White - spiritual growth.

It seems over night that the fairies had been working overtime because flowers galore filled the area with color and smells. Children are encourage to fill baskets with these colorful displays of nature's glory. Weave crowns, press a flower in a book for eternal keeping, use your imagination and enjoy the flowering colors from mother earth.

Sitting in her stall a mysterous woman can be seen. Her clothing is sparse, representing a creature of nature. A fae? With the mask she wears it is hard to tell. Silently she works, painting on the surface of water with her paints and almost magically seems to transfer them onto paper for children to take home. The woman and her art are both..a mystery!

(( To enjoy this most unique and amazing art style please watch this. And this! Enjoy! ))

(( You are most welcome to post in this setting for Children's Day. Most of children's day is free roam live play and forum play so there is no set time and activities. Have fun with it!

If you have any questions please feel free to PM Katt.

Don't forget to look to the Beltane Collection Thread for all your Beltane needs! ))

RDI Playables / Vote for May Queen!
« on: April 23, 2012, 10:33:26 PM »
Nominations are closed! CLOSED! No more. Sorry! Now it is time to VOTE!

Now to inform you all this is how things work:

You vote.

Who ever gets the most votes will be May Queen (or King). The May Queen (or King) will choose her (or his) Green Man during the crowning ceremony May 4th.

You may only vote ONCE. Multiple votes will be disqualified and highly frowned upon!

In other words.. No Cheating!!

[size=18]*** Vote Now for May Queen (or King) Here ***[/size][size=18]

((Now it is time for OOC. Just to let you know this poll is offsite for a reason. Lots of nominates! Also to make sure there are no multi-votes. It is ONE vote per PLAYER. Not one vote per account/character. Please keep this in mind when you are voting!

Any who wishes to be removed from the Polls please contact Katt.

Beltane 2012 (Beltane Collection Thread) for all your Beltane needs. If you have any questions please feel free to PM Katt. ))

Dragon's Tales / Beltane: May 4th - Crowning and Bonfire (setting)
« on: April 22, 2012, 12:01:33 AM »
The stage was set..Or rather the Glen was set.

A parade of lights danced along the path from the city gates all the way to the glen. Light spheres of every color imagination floated in a guiding path, bobbing and swaying with no attachment. These little spheres of light were not light bulbs but fashioned from magic. If touched a person would find their fingers slipping through the light with nothing but a light feeling of warmth. The spheres themselves can be moved and even toyed with as one would a bubble.

Once the lights get to the clearing the colorful lights burst out in no particular pattern, weaving and lighting around the trees and booths.  Near the booths tables have been set up with fruits to feast on and fruity drinks of various sorts. Sorry there will be no boozing it up tonight!

Near the tables are crowns of flowers for the women guests and antler dressings for the men. Or vice versa if you wish it! These items are tokens from The Unknown.

Past the circle of booths the lights dance and eventually circle around where two large stacks of wood have been prepared for the bonfires. There is reasonable space between the two piles of wood for people to gather and sit. Centered in the middle and a bit behind the bonfire are two tree thrones waiting to seat the new May Queen and Her (or his) Green Man.

The Lady of Ceremonies, our lovely Governor Fionna Helston al-Amat, will be hosting. Along with last years May Queen, Rekah Illyriana, they will crown this years New May Queen and Green Man. Special crowns have been even crafted for the new May Queen and Green Man. Even for the old May Queen and the Lady of Ceremonies!

(Green Man and May Queen's Crowns)

(Rekah's Crown)

(The Royal Courts Crowns)

(Flower Crown for Fio)

After the crowning the New May Queen and Green Man will light the bonfires and the party will begin. Upbeat music to move your feet too and firedances who will be weaving and cutting through the crowd with their awe-inspiring movements with one of the more dangerous elements. Fire.

((the collection thread

People are welcomed to and encouraged to post in this thread if they are unable to make it May 4th. ...Heck you are welcome to post even if you are going to be there!

Any questions are suggestions please feel free to PM Katt.))

RDI Playables / Beltane Nominations Ending Soon!
« on: April 20, 2012, 04:45:57 PM »
Time. It is always against us isn't it?

The upcoming Monday will be the last day to Nominate the future May Queen (or King). Make sure to give your nomination soon!

Also the booths are awaiting for Entertainers and Merchants! Pretty soon there will be no room so get yours soon!

(April 23rd is the last day for nominations so send a PM to Katt asap with who you think should be May Queen (or King)!

Booth description for artisans or entertainers can be found here.

All links for Beltane 2012 can be found here!)

Dragon's Tales / Beltane Fashion
« on: April 20, 2012, 04:33:36 PM »

Beltane is just around the corner. Have you decided what you will be wearing for the Crowning and Bonfire? Or what about a day out with the kids? Let us not forget the ball!

Share with us your Beltane Fashion!

RDI Playables / Artisans! Entertainers! Beltane Calls For You!
« on: April 17, 2012, 12:55:20 AM »
In the mist of night it seems that once again the unknown had swept through the city, leaving posters for one and all to find:

Beltane is just around the corner and things are well prepared. However there is something missing! You!

Are you an artisan who wishes to show off their wares during the festivities? Made something new and can't wait to show it off? Or maybe you have a pretty little shiny that you thi- found and want to peddle?

Are you an entertainer seeking to entertain during the Beltane? Do you tell fortunes? dance? Or maybe singing and poetry? How about juggling or swallowing swords?

During the Beltane all are welcome! Booths will be set up in the Glen soon so make sure you pick one out and fill it with all sorts of good and skills.

(( If you have any questions please feel free to PM Katt. Postings for booths and entertainment can be done here. Have fun with it! ))

Dragon's Tales / Beltane Booths and Entertainment
« on: April 17, 2012, 12:53:42 AM »

Several booths had been set up in a very wide circle within the glen, centered by the May Pole. The booths have been decorated lightly with ribbons and flowers, able to be discarded by those who fill them if they so wish it.

A few booths, it seemed, were already spoken for. One was covered with colorful scarves and marked with a hanging sign etched with musical instruments. Another was covered in fine silk of fiery hues. And the last, mysteriously was covered with nothing more than a black tarp.

(( This thread is dedicated to the booths and entertainment of the Beltane. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to 'fill in a booths' that will be present for Beltane. Make sure to set up a description of your wares/entertainment so people know what it is they are viewing that way they can interact or play off of it.  If it is an NPC ran booth please make sure to note in your post.

Please be reminded that the booths will be set up in the Glen so plan accordingly!

If you want to donate something anonymously or have any questions please feel free to PM Katt. ))

RDI Playables / Nominate Your May Queen! (or King)
« on: April 15, 2012, 04:07:01 PM »
Time is ticking folks! Nominate your May Queen (or King) as soon as possible. The little box is waiting for your paper!

Be it male or female! The May Queen will choose her (or his) Green Man on the night of crowning.

Oh yes, the May Pole can be seen in the glen, it's colorful ribbons fluttering in the afternoon air.

It is coming soon.

Beltane is just around the corner.

Nominate soon because Nominations on the 23rd.  The the voting will begin!

(Nominations will end on April 23rd! So send your nominations via PM to Katt asap!  Beltane links can be found collected here.)

Dragon's Tales / Beltane 2012 (Beltane Collection Thread)
« on: April 15, 2012, 03:53:23 PM »

May 4th - Crowning of the new May Royalties and Bonfire.
Will be held in the Glen.
>> Settings can be found here.
9:30pm EST until Midnight.

May 5th - Beltane Masquerade Ball
Will be held in the Great Hall
9:30 EST until Midnight. (Or everyone leaves from exhaustion)

May 6th - Children's Day.
Will be held in the Glen
>> Settings can be found here.
8am EST until Midnight.

Beltane And Nomination Announcement
Nominate Your May Queen! (or King)
Artisans! Entertainers! Beltane Calls For You!

Beltane Booths and Entertainment!
Beltane Fashion

(This is for all your Beltane 2012 needs! Check frequently for new threads being linked/posted. If you have a post that you wish to add up here in mention or ready for Beltane please send a PM to Katt.)

Den of Iniquity / Re: The Treasure Chest: OOC
« on: April 14, 2012, 01:23:49 PM »
Glad to hear you are doing better. You had us worried girl! Continue to get better (because that is most important!) and good luck with everything else!

Dragon's Tales / Re: Mors Certa, Hora Incerta
« on: April 11, 2012, 01:17:02 AM »
It wasn't that hard to follow Edward. That is until she realized where he was heading. Did she even have access to his basement?
There was a number of things on her mind and watching the meeting? It did nothing to calm the feeling that had been building. In fact the meeting did nothing more than send a want to scale the walls. Recovery sucked on a massive scale.
Somewhere along the line she murmured from the shadows to let him know of her presence. She didn't quite hate the fact that she might be pulling him from his thoughts and whatever had him rushing. "Edward. A moment?"

Keep moving, keep moving, keep moving. Like a shark, he had to keep moving. He'd been so close to falling asleep in that meeting, but had managed to hang on to that thread of consciousness like a drowning man grabbing for a lifeline. Now he had to keep moving, like a shark; if he stopped, he might drown.

Now, though, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Katt's voice cut into his thoughts as he walked, and he turned to greet her. "Hey, Katt...sure, if you can walk and talk at the same time."

The shadows shuddered around her, reforming out of the cloak like drape to simple second-like skin. It slowly, but surely, inked away until she was left in her casual wear which at the moment was a t-shirt and jeans. She was following in his tracks with quick stride with no beat to be missed.
"Of course. I have a few things I want to ask of you but first..Are you okay?" If the tone of her voice didn't tell him the lack of sharpness in the greens would. She was concerned.

He could feel the fatigue, trying to drag him down, but there was no time. No time at all, not if he wanted this to work. Almost three weeks of no sleep, of constantly trying to solve a problem that he had created that he had created as a permanent solution, something never intended to be taken apart.

Now, he had to break it, and the cost was going to be high...but the other choice was unpalatable. Still...he couldn't let her worry about that, so he did the only thing he could.

He lied.

"Yeah, Ah'm all right...Ah just finally found de answer to somet'in' Ah've been workin' on for de past couple weeks. What's up?"

Her hands found the front pockets of her jeans while he spoke. She seemed to take his answer at face value. As far as she was concerned why would he lie to her? "You need to stop and get some rest before you crash." This spoken by someone who had done it more times than she'd like to admit.
Well.. On to business she supposed.

"Well I was wondering who you have told that I am ..well..You know.. Still in one piece. Also.." She was mumbling as those hands left her pockets and went to the lip of her bag. Digging out her sketchbook. Bouncing a few steps forward to place her at his side she flipped quickly through the pages so he couldn't see a number of them. Embarrassed about her work? Maybe.

It's a good thing he's had a lot of practice at the lying game. In his line of work - both of them - it became a necessity. Her first question gets her an arched eyebrow.

"Well...Ah hope ya don' mind, but...Ah told Leo an' Kyle. Couldn' keep dem in de dark on dis...too many t'ings could go wrong if Ah did. Dey won' let yer secret slip, t'ough...dat Ah can promise."

The sketchbook gets a curious look as she starts flipping through it. "Whatcha got dere?"

"Actually I prefer that they know. I mean can you imagine them not knowing? And me going to the training facilities? The idea of those two coming after me in their armor terrifies me!"
And yet she snorted a quiet laugh. Oh. Right! The sketchbook. The page she was looking for was found and she pointed out to him. "Well I don't know what the difference is between heavy and light armor. Yours might vary from my ..definition. But maybe a suit of armor like what you made for me before. A bodysuit with detachable parts so I can wear it under casual clothes but also my outfit when I become 'active' for the Avengers?"
The sketch was nothing special. In fact it looked more like a simple neck to ankle bodysuit with a zipper running from collar to pelvic. Pointers here and there showed where detachable parts would  be, hidden mostly under the design and seams.

He looks the sketch over as they walk along, no tiredness in his features at all now - his mind is clicking along like the Ed of old, the fatigue still there but mostly ignored as he considers.

"The chief differences between the light armor - like the stuff I gave you - and the heavier stuff is the amount of impact it can absorb. The lighter weight armor, you can take a hit up to and including a shot from a 30 millimeter cannon and survive, though you're not going to enjoy it. If, for something like this, we added some heavier plating...the weight will be a little more, it'll be stiffer, but you can walk through heavy suppressive fire from multiple guns and it'll feel like you're being shot at by peashooters...just don't stand in the way of someone firing something like a cannon at you."

Yeah and they knew how she tended to get shot at. A lot. The idea of wearing something stiff under her casual clothes made her nose wrinkle though. Simply didn't sound comfy. "You mean like Leo when I was talking with Kain."
This brought on that nagging question that she had been wanting to ask him and she started chewing at her bottom lip frantically. Must..not ask.. Instead she nodded and tore out the page in order to offer it to him. "I know you are busy and all but if you don't mind?"
The next page in the sketchbook was some detailing on what looked to be her attempt at scribbling out details for the new Bon Bon. If only he'd see the pile of papers she had crumpled up in her room. A mess that was.

She didin't have to ask - he could see it written all over her face when she mentioned Kain and he glanced at her, and her expression got a chuckle.

"Yer still worried about dat? Ya shouldn' be...Leo's gotten over it, once he understood what ya were up to. He jus'...didn' understand at de time. He's de kinda guy dat loyalty's important to...he didn' understand dat ya were actin' in ever'one's best int'rest at de time. Ah gotta say, yer li'l act had me fooled fer a second've fooled Leo, ya should feel proud. Dat man's got a gift fer sniffin' out an act, an' he dodn' have even de slightest clue."

Turning his attention back to the sketchbook again, he looked over the building designs, arching an eyebrow and grinning a bit wider. " dis gonna be de new BonBon?"

"(s) I don't like the idea of Leo mad at me." Her lips thinned in attempt to stop herself from frowning. "I.." She shook her head, stopping herself from saying something she knew she shouldn't. "I am proud that I was able to stop Kain if only for a while. It wasn't my intentions to 'steal' Kain away from him or anything like that. Just..Kain had information and people..People just won't listen. I mean really? If people had listened to me about Br-...Raven in the past we could of saved lives."
That man was not Brian. She was still not sure how she was going to explain that to Edward. She needed to find the red-headed Jenai. They needed to have words to clear up a few things before she could even start to share with Edward what had happened.
Blink. The question pulled her attention and she gave a sheepish grin. "Uh huh. Or trying to be the new Bon Bon. However..I am sorta considering a new location for a few personal reasons."

The sketchbook was once more tilted to him. Unlike the old Bon Bon this one would be at least two floors dedicated to the customers with the idea of a garden 'sitting' area. This Bon Bon, by the looks of it, would not have a living area. "What do you think? It will be a while before I have the funds again and I can uh..bake at the hall for a while I guess."

He takes the sketchbook, looking the designs over. For a moment, at least, it was nice not to have to worry about his own problems. "Ah like it...and Ah agree. Yer old location would have t'be torn down and a new buildin' put in its place t'do dis."

Her last remark gets an incredulous look as he holds the sketchbook back out to her, sighing and rolling his eyes. "Ya know, Ah love ya, li'l sis, but ya can be unbelievably dense sometimes." He chuckles. "If ya t'ink Ah'm gonna let ya go an' use de Hall fer a place t'run yer business out of, yer insane. Ah c'n pay fer de new location...Lord knows Ah got 'nuff t'cover dat. An' Toujours le Vert's got facilities ya can use while it's bein' built."

He snorts softly, shaking his head. "Ya c'n use de Hall...ya must be outta yer mind."

The expression she held was the one she normally carried when something went swoosh..over her head. This was the look he got when he sighed and rolled his eyes. The sketchbook was taken with a light touch and she snorted as if mimicking him.  "I am not! I'm sorry if I do not view you as a source of money." Which he'd earn a playful pinch to his upper arm for.  "Where do you think I was baking before I had the Bon Bon?" Duh!

He did get a soft little chuckle out of her. "I .." Her lips twitched in and out of a smile. "I' the help, Edward. I would appreciate it." And with that the smile faded and her attention focused on the sketch maybe a bit too heavy.
Blinking she shook her head, refocusing herself. "Mrmm.." Her eyes slowly ticked over to him, that unsure sound vibrating her throat. While they continued to walk she asked him about the transport 'discussion' they had some time ago. Not exactly reminding him but wondering if he had any idea on the direction of that. She was clueless and he was so very good with creating toys.

They talked for hours on end about things and about nothing all that important. She didn't realize she was helping him stay awake! She was simply enjoying the 'quality time' with her brother.

(Taken from live play. Many thanks Edward! )

Dragon's Tales / Re: Mors Certa, Hora Incerta
« on: April 11, 2012, 12:57:24 AM »
.: April 9th - Shortly after Lunch :.

Lunch had been taken in her room and what was left of it was scattered on the floor along with piles of balled up papers, a blanket, and a few odds and ends. Now normally she was the sort of kept her living area clean but when she was simply too tired to clean up after being out all night doing who knows what. She wasn't quite sure that Edward knew of her doings in the marketplace quite yet. If he was having her watched...

Cleaning would have to simply come later...

The sketchbook in front of her was balanced on her ankles, legs bowed out. The longer she looked at this one project of hers the more she got annoyed. Why was this so hard? It shouldn't be this hard. It wasn't this hard the first time!

Hell forging wasn't even this hard...

"Diana? Can you pull up a map of the city?"

"Of course, Miss Rhysata." came that cool, sultry voice of the A.I.

It was sort of funny. She had grown quite use to having Diana around. Maybe even a little spoiled to it. Technology. It was another thing that Edward had brought into her life. And while she wasn't exactly a tech-genius like her he, she did seem to catch on quickly enough to where several explanations weren't needed.

Indeed she had grown so use to it that there was no reaction to the map came into view out of thin air. Tilting her head she poked at a few spots. "Um..Hmm.."

Grabbing up her sketchbook she started scribbling down a few notes and continued to view over the map. She stopped only because she heard some movement. The sketchbook was abandoned and she crawled across the floor, poking the door open enough to peer through the crack at the tired Edward attempting to make from his room to the kitchen. He looked so very tired.

It worried her.

She figured he had some project he was working on day and night to finish. She knew how that was but still she felt the urge to go fuss at him. Tell him to get his hide in bed and at least take a nap...

Sighing she closed the door as quietly as possible and crawled back to her collected mess. Grabbing up her PCUI, earbuds, and her sketchbook, she started stuffing them into her bag. "Thank you for the map, Diana."

Before the AI could respond she leaned forward, sliding into the shadows.

Until nightfall she shadow-leaped around the city, tearing between to and from the shadow plane to make the trip around the city that much quicker. Locations taken in and notes taken about each.

Come late afternoon she found herself at the hall. There was suppose to be a meeting tonight. She missed being at the meetings.

So while she waited for the meeting she took to the shadows, willing them to her like a cloak that blended her near well with the rest of the shadows.


She was ever so...

And when the meeting came to be she found her patience being tested. Listening to things going on was enough to have her climb the walls. It wasn't only that but witnessing Edward's exhaustion even in public..and being unable to do anything. It was testing. To do absolutely nothing but listen and witness. Not a word. No two cents to speak of. And she had lots to speak on.

It was an odd torture.

She wanted to let them know she was okay. Specially Fio and Issy. Granted she had a feeling Issy would crush her! Which was probably why when Edward made his leave she shortly followed.

She followed in his wake like the shadow she was.

RDI Playables / Beltane And Nomination Announcement
« on: April 09, 2012, 11:22:51 AM »
It seems a mystery how during the night someone (or someones) had gone through the market unseen. Come morning the marketplace was a bloom of color. An assortment of colorful ribbons and flowers stretched from above the fountain to around the main circle of the marketplace. Flowers left here and there; bouquets tied with ribbons are left for one and all to find.

A single stall stands out in a colorful display of ribbons and flowers.
On the counter is a tally box, a stack of papers, a pencil, and a plaque that reads:

Good Bye Winter
We wish you?d leave us now
Come back Springtime
We wish you?d come today

Winter's chill has left us and spring has come into full bloom.  
That means it is time for...


This years Beltane will be celebrated May 4th - 6th.

That means it is time to nominate this years May Queen (or King)!
So leave your nominations for this years May Queen (or King) in this box!
Don't worry! The one that watches over this box will make sure your nominations remain safe.  

Nominations will end on the 23rd and then voting will begin!

(Nominations begin today and will end on April 23rd! So send your nominations via PM to Katt today!)

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