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Belial (a.k.a. Bel)
Looks Human... mostly.
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That's for her to say... if she cares to.
A petite figure of 5'3" her stature is deceptive, seemingly fragile yet honed like that of a warrior. Skin glistens in pale, unblemished perfection, creamy and smooth. Slanted green eyes, aglow with an unearthly light, compliment exquisite features.  

Gone are the horns, yet the tail remained... or did it? Never has it been seen for many long days last.

Something was amiss with Bel...  Her hair, once waist-length has been cropped short, the ebony tumble of curls hangs to her throat, a token once gifted to a hateful brethren turned Ally... strange bedfellows to say the least.

While the preternatural ease and cat-like grace in which she moves still hints of her heritage, to the casual eye, nothing about her race is obvious. Her scent, like a midsummer breeze, spicy and warm, lingers in her wake; comforting like a dream, gentle as a caress.
Interesting Question...  Merchants. That's all you *need* to know.  Leader of Blood House Onyx.
Additional Notes:
She has many skills and abilities, and none she would share casually.  To know her, one must gain her trust, and that isn't an easy task...  Belial has made many enemies’ from both the Light and the Dark, she is suspicious of most.

((Incredible Art created for this character by Tallameia from DeviantArt.  Do NOT steal!  Find more amazing art by my sister here: ))

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