Ash Belarus Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Ash Belarus
Place of Origin:
Emperor of Avix - Executive Director of GLASS
Additional Notes:
3H Imperial Clearance (Above top-secret)

History: Unknown

His personal Dossier is marked from beginning to end with black tape. What little is known of the illusive man known simply as Axis is that he carries out the day-to-day operations of the secret organization known as GLASS (Galactic Logistics and Avix Secret Services)

Most see him as an aging old man who has a great vintage fashion sense. Family and royal subjects see him as a man with nearly limitless wealth, knowledge, and wisdom. His ability to progress through the ages and build an empire have placed him as ruler of the Avix Empire and the Three Royal Houses; The Belarus, Redstar, and Korben Family's.

[The Collective deeds of Avix]

-Fellowship of the Morning Star
-Order of the Crimson Star
-White Dragon Vengence
-Kingdom of the Yellow Rose
-Death Head Clan
-Mutant X
-Hayato Clan
-Great Watchers of Rhy'Din
-House of Accursed Synn
-The Keepers
-Rhy'Din Intelligence Agency
-Ashimo Clan
-Darkhart Army of Rhy'Din
-Ling Aerospace Industries
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