Janie Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Jane "Janie" Devonstone,   Scathachian Name: "Nimue"
Place of Origin:
The Unknown Southern Lands, Terra Australis (her accent is a dead giveaway)
While she was a lanky and awkward child and teen, Janie has left the "Ugly Duckling" syndrome behind!  This surfer girl is very long and lean, her hair is a buttery blonde due to superfluous sun, salt and sand.  Her eyes are baby blue, as would befit a beach bunny.  Janie's strong body is one of her best weapons.  Often on missions far from the Island of Shadow, she uses men's fatal flaw (lust) to complete her objective.  She (and several of her Sisters) affectionately refers to herself as "bait" with a curious accent that denotes her southern island background.   Always scantily clad, barefoot, and toting a surfboard, still she is no stranger to curve hugging leather and glinting steel.
Scathachian Warrior and Priestess
Additional Notes:
Accomplished in sword fighting, chakram and archery, of course.  Janie's training was finally complete when she chose the chakram as her signature weapon, though she often uses her deadly martial arts, bare feet, and a collection of make-shift weaponry (wire, bottles, handful of dirt, the nearest folding chair, etc.)  When she's not knee deep in Scathachian duties, she's on the beach or in the water looking for that all-perfect wave.  Janie's demeanor is easy-going and relaxed.  She often pokes fun at her more "uptight" Sisters for their inability to mellow.  Quite often, she is seen in the company of her closest friends: Delphinea (Phin), Karen (Cray), Melissa (Blodeuwedd) and Sheryl (Rhiannon).
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