Aris Shadowclaw Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Aris ShadowClaw
Draconic Vampire
Place of Origin:
Borne in Rhy'Dinn
Crimson eyes, from beneath shoulder-length red brown hair, give you a curious look as he smirks. Vampire fangs are just barely visible between his lips, though it is very unlikely he'll bite you. His pale skin, and taste in dark clothing (Usually red and black) would hint at his vampiric heritage. Yet, he isnt just a vampire, but part dragon as well, born to Naria and Sento Shadowclaw. As a dragon you'd find red scales, red eyes, just about everything about him is some shade of dark red, and he can be quite large if he wants to. Of course, being a big dragon had its downsides, so he uses magic to reduce his size.

Though he is a draconic vampire, he is very gentle unless someone he cares for or someone he feels is innocent becomes threatened. He's also a gentleman, having been raised to treat ladies with kindness and other men with respect.
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