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Character Name:
Sid a.k.a. Obsidian Shayd
She appears to be Trueblood.
Place of Origin:
Riding an ebony and chrome wheel-less '49 Panhead, she is never long from Bordertown.
Usually seen in black-ribbed tank tops and road-dusted leathers, an odd-seeming Gryphon tat rides her left shoulder and arm beneath a jacket that flies the colors of a "Dead Warlock"... A renegade group of Ancient elves who once fought to bring life (the World) back to magic (the Elflands).

Periwinkle blue eyes have seen the triumphs and turmoils of ages past and her features are distinctly Trueblood - elf to the common.

Large pointed ears visible through a bum-length fall of multi-colored elflocks... Silver bells strung throughout chiming with each move of that lank 6'5" frame.

Once lost, forever found. Connected by Crimson, bonded by Silver - forever to Jack "Scottie" Scot, father of her twin lights.

(("born" 7/96))
Tender at the Red Dragon Inns. Old and loyal friend to the Bloods of Bordertown and now of House Onyx, Rhydin.
Additional Notes:
((Avatar copyrighted by G. Sheppard, made for this character. Portrait is 'shopped image of Model Apnea. ~Thanx L!))
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