Georg Aurdon Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Captain Georg Aurdon
Place of Origin:
Amefel, Nosgoth.
Reaching six foot 2 inches tall. He now wears a slightly altered look for pirates.  Light blonde hair and deep sea blue eyes, with a look that seems to hold a wisdom beyond his age. Hanging from his hips are a pair of scimitars.

He also carries a dagger for those rare times that he loses one of his swords. The dagger is always tucked in to his right boot. As well as carrying four flintlock pistols tucked into the top of his pants.

Proud father to Celaniel Aurdon, born on December 22, 2012.
Pirate captain of the Blood Falcon. Pirate Lord.
Additional Notes:
His skills are a thing of mystery as he barely reveals them to anyone. He is skilled with a sword, as well as skilled in the ability to tell if people are telling the truth or a lie.

It helps when dealing with merchants, as well as people offering to "help" his crew. He is also skilled in how to shoot a bow and arrow, with near deadly aim.

He was taught from an early age how to fight with a sword, before learning how to fight with two. Any weapon found on a ship, he knows how to use it in combat on a ship. He was also taught how to fight with pistols, from shooting them to using them in battle as makeshift clubs.

He was also taught by his father about ships. How to work on them and how to do each job on them. As he started sailing with his father, and eventually got command of the Blood Falcon after his parents died.
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