Mihaela Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Mihaela Asante
Human after a fashion
Place of Origin:
Bronx, New York
A former cop with a chip on her shoulder and don't f--- with me attitude. Get to know her and treat her with respect and you've got a loyal friend. She has an ornate tattoo on her upper left arm. A reminder of her time away seeking herself.

Mihaela is infected with Lycanthropy. This means she can pass to those who are not immune to such. (Fae, other Lycan's, Supernatural Beings...) As an Alpha she can control her changes, though the pull is worse during the full moon. Because she is of the Black Leopard variety she has neither pack nor Pard. A true loner...

Otherwise, she is an avid football fan and misses much of her former life... A life that is closed to her.

(Entering Mihaela's mind constitutes acceptance of whatever retaliation I see fit. Don't want to be shredded, don't intrude. RP welcome, but I encourage you to play with not at me. The Ignore function is freely used.)
Former Cop...  and something more than human
Additional Notes:
I know how it feels when I haven't got a friend
Even when they're standin' beside me
I know how it feels when the world is gonna end
But they'll see

I'm gonna make a comeback, I'm gonna dig six feet up tonight
I'm gonna get it all back, I'm gonna make a comeback this time.
~"Comeback," Redlight Kings
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I'm gonna risk it all
And I won't look back
I'm gonna pick my spot,
Take my shot, swallow my pride
And risk it all

The light's on, the last round
The dark horse keeps on fightin'
~ "Comeback" Redlight Kings