Luna Eva Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Eva Luna
Place of Origin:
New Topeka
Eva’s life has not been easy and that’s evident in her face.  It’s there in the darkness of her hazel eyes, in the light wrinkles that have come to surround them, and in the sleek scar that cuts its way down her left cheek from her eye to her chin.  She looks to be in her late thirties, standing at about 5'4", usually dressed in fitted black pants and a leather jacket with tank tops beneath. Long dark brown hair frames her face, often hiding her scar. A slight lump at the small of her back indicates she carries some sort of weapon.

Eva has two tattoos: a black crescent moon on the left side of her chest that sometimes peeks above her neckline, and a black 'M' hovering above crossed chef's knives on the back of her left shoulder.
Additional Notes:
Mason and Eva are all in.  Eva now wears a wedding band on her left ring finger.
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