Rose Black Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Rose Black - The Mistress of the Island, Chaos Angel, Empress of Babylon, the Mindbreaker, the Rose of Babylon, the flighty bird... nicknames are fun
Pscionic Angel
Place of Origin:
Long silky red hair, emerald eyes, a slender but curvy figure.  Generally dressed in black, prefers silk, satin, or leather clothing.  Tends towards something that leaves the neck and shoulders bare.  And all about heels, whether knee-high boots or sandals.  Always wears a necklace made of platinum with a red jewel dangling gently just below her collar bone.  When taming her hair she uses a black ribbon with a gold cross on it that has distinctive energies of the Abyss forever entwined through the silk.

*Important to note right now is that Rose is going through some... changes.  The most prominent being a seed of evil inside her that is a magnet for darkness.  It will lead her subconsiously toward the shadow and pull the darkness from others her way.  What sort of action would be inspired is entirely dependent upon the person and situation. True darkness tends to be unreliable in its outcomes.*

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Personal assistant to Eric Northman, club promoter, messenger girl.  Recently bequeathed properties and businesses, but that isn't public yet.
Additional Notes:
Telepathy, telekinetic, good with tweaking chemicals in the brain, divine healing powers, inter-dimensional travel...  Can pull a strange miracle from time to time.  She's actually more powerful than even she realizes as she has yet to discover where her limits even are any more.
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