Val Young Wyrm

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Gailey's Greater Dominion
Additional Notes:
Last son of an Empire long-since deemed insignificant, heir to bones and shifter of the tide, Valcroix is man seemingly  always a second-off, an inch short and a single good decision shy of the extraordinary. Born a captive to his own blood three-and-a-quarter centuries ago in a carcass of a land known as Gailey’s ‘Greater Dominion’, he was a boy raised on intoxicants: ability, heritage and change. Born a Shaper, The Dominion’s first in an eon (and speculated ‘only’), Val was gifted the power of creation; of reconfiguration, the talent to use his soul as a scalpel to gently and perfectly rearrange the physical property of  any material: dust to gold; stone to ash.
Reinvented here, in the grand funhouse, the realm of refuse, Val conformed, with time, to the capitalist lifestyle. He married, had children, lived, loved even, without the contention of his home of sand and petrified bone. But he is man of impulse and luxury, of self-service; one who never quite found a way to remove his badge of debauchery. Born with the talent of universal manipulation was he, but ultimately he was able to reshape everything beside himself.
Even-so, the gold would always just be mislabeled dust. And the pretty, glistening ash always soulless stone.
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