Sjira Young Wyrm

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•|•  S'jira  •|•
Place of Origin:
The barbaric lands of Llothgar
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Delicate height is all of four-foot-eleven.  The small one's form is trim, accustomed to the labors of work, but not lacking in curves that define her as a woman.  Curious eyes are black, watching others through the fall of lengthy bangs that dust against her cheeks.  

What is not often noticed: a lock of white hair at her right temple and at that temple itself is a minute scar.  Worn are dresses or skirts and blouses of colors that are not so very bold.  Sometimes, seen in light linen halters with open tunics and pants.

Mostly, she enjoys running about barefooted. But she can be seen at times in sandals or boots.

Sometimes, when the courage is gathered and a heart is light enough, she wears the silken dresses to dance in - but that is not a very common thing for her.

Gentle ways are also cautious, striving hard not to offend or bring harm to the feelings of others.  Shy, timid of nature but gaining a bit of courage here and there.  In all things, truth is told though it not be an easy thing.  

The cat's eye stone is worn, along with a star pendant - each light pendant bearing great weight of meaning and memories.  In one of her boots, she now carries a small throwing knife.

Very quiet, her ways are seemingly withdrawn but not meant to be rude.  It is thought sometimes that she is mute, but that is not the case.

Simple ways, simpler paths.

Memories are an ever-fixed mark upon her soul.

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Helping out with laundry, mending and other things at the Red Dragon Inn but known to help the fishermen on the docks.
Additional Notes:
Has humble skills in dance, song, mending, playing pipeflutes. The small woman can cook and clean as well. Music on the pipeflutes could make ears bleed, but she is better now than she used to be!

Given a couple of throwing knives and an Elven bow, she has tried over the last few years to learn how to use them. Her skills are barely adequate, but the small woman does try.
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