Sheryl Resendei Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Sheryl Resendei -  Scathachian name "Rhiannon"
Place of Origin:
The Island of Shadow
The only daughter of Lenai, the High Priestess of the Island of Shadow, Sheryl is much like her mother but more like her father.  Blonde hair (usually left to hang in its natural curly state) frames soft blue-gray eyes which are the focal point of her face. Her bronzed body is very well toned and quite lithe, reflecting her intense physical training. She, of course, has the ritualistic Scathachian tattoos, one on the back of each of her nimble hands. Standing at just over six feet tall, Sheryl is more soft-spoken than most of the other Scathachians.  That, paired with her young age of just past twenty, puts her in the position of welcoming many of the new initiates.  She is often seen in the company of her closer Sisters Delphinea (Phin), Karen (Cray), Melissa (Blodeuwedd) and Janie (Nimue). This Sister is rarely found without her sacred garnet and crimson sash.
Priestess of Scathach, Keeper of the Scathachian Archives
Additional Notes:
While this Judge is quite capable with all three of the traditional Scathachian weapons, she is a dead-on shot with the chakrams. Sheryl still, however, prefers to spend her days in the Archival Building on the Island of Shadow.  Despite jeers from some of her Sisters about being a "bookish librarian", Sheryl takes her work of cataloguing the history of Scathach and her followers very seriously.  She speaks many languages and is a notable scholar of the world's classics. Sheryl is also unparalleled in her mastery of equestrian skills.  And of course, like all of her Scathachian Sisters, Sheryl excels in gymnastics, hand to hand combat as well as the fine art of barefoot fighting. Her second toe being quite longer than her big toe (a sign of royalty, don't you know) affords her the unique ability to "trake" her given opponent by shoving a very lengthy, corded foot into their mouth and plugging up that pesky trachea along with all of its breathing capabilities.  Rhiannon is "undefeeted" with that little trick up her pants leg.
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