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Tales of the Cat / The Hunt Is On
« on: July 24, 2007, 09:35:31 PM »
it was just after dark, the nearby streets nearly vacant. After what happened the previous night, none could be blamed. It was a warm night, the light breeze blew over his shirtless chest and back. It was just the leggings tonight.. and a fresh set of bracers to replace those recently lost.

The stench hit him when still a block away, and he was upwind.

As he neared where the bodies, or rather what was left of them was found the scents were nearly overwhelming. Three of the watch it was said were attacked here, and a fourth body was found as well. Breathing slowly, his mouth slightly open, he crouched low and moved across the ground still darkened from all the spilt blood. A cacophony of smells washed over him and he nearly gagged at the stench.

The reek of death was all over, and not from the bodies torn asunder left behind. It was the kind of smell left by the undead.

Slowly he moved about as he breathed steadily, drawing in the occasional deeper breath. His eyes were nearly closed, letting the smells guide him about the patch of ground as he picked out one scent after another. Most were mentally tossed aside. Too weak to have been here at the time, the various un-deads were all so similar there was no way to know where one left off and another began. And three... the watch. As he moved out from the center of it all he found from which direction they had come, and then from nearly the opposite way the fourth... along with a fifth.

This fifth one tickled the back of his mind. There was something familiar about it... but he could not place it. Yet.

Circling about some more, this was the one to focus on, to find again. To follow.

Then the shout. "Demon!" His ears twitched as he glanced up, the dim moon-light no doubt shining in those feline eyes of his. "It's a demon! back to git more of us!"

His gaze had fallen on a pair of silhouettes coming out of a tavern just up the block. He nearly paused to look over his shoulder at the shouts of the one when he realized they were drunk, and they were speaking of him. The sound of steel being drawn reached him as a handful of other bodies spilled from the lit archway of the tavern door.

This must be a joke, flashed through his mind, with all the creatures about here and as long as I have ... that thought remained unfinished as the small mob started closing in on him amid a number of grumbles and shouts. "Leave me be.." he said coolly, sternly, even as the fur along his shoulders started to bristle. "I am just.." Another thought unfinished as one of them shouted over the others. ".. enough of your kind! If the Watch won't do something we will!"

He started stepping back, slowly, as they came up on him. "I am no threat to you.. I am just.. "

"Demon lies! Get 'im!" came another shout and he just had time to step to the side as a sword cut through the air where he had just been. Not drunk enough, but not sober either they group started trying to circle and his own naivet? in thinking he could talk his way out of this gave them the opening to hinder his just walking away at this point.

"Fine..." he snarled out... "if that be how it isssss ..."  A pivot on one foot and the other his kicked out behind him. His ears fell nearly flat to his head, his tail curling close to his body, he fought the urge to let the claws out as the one behind him was kicked in the chest. He didn't need to look to find his mark, and he immediately brought the same foot to the front of him with a snap kick that nearly knocked another back. A twist to the right as a sword was swung high, then a drop to a knee as one from the other side closed in as well.

The right arm flung out, a back-handed smash to the side of a knee and that one was down. Push off with the left foot to roll after the one he just grounded, coming up in a crouch he was able to bring that left arm back up in time to bat away an incoming blade. The leather bracers lined with the steel spikes took the brunt, but as he was coming back to his feet at the same time the tip of the blade skidded off the leather and grazed across the back of his fore-arm drawing a line nearly to the elbow. The fresh, copper tainted scent filled his nostrils as he gained his feet he put his weight to the left foot and turned as he brought that right knee up and into the side of the ribs of the one that had cut him. The drunks mid-section had been left wide open from the deflected strike and he could hear ribs giving way even as the leg straighted connecting his foot with jaw of the next in line.

It was an effective, but slow and clumsy move that left his back wide open... and sure enough by the time the right foot was back on the ground another blade was swung at him from behind. He turned to face the movement, the wrong thing to do as the blade connected with his arm just below the shoulder. Or maybe it saved him, if he hadn't been moving to stand upright again that blade could have bitten his neck instead of just his arm.

He snaked his left arm up and around that of his attacker, the blade now pinned against his back as he lifted and took a step back, causing the other to be pulled to his tip-toes and led along like a dog by a lead. He brought his right forearm up and slammed it across the bridge of his 'attackers' nose. Hearing another crack he released his grip on the arm and the body slumped to the ground clutching at his face.

Those not laid out in pain had scattered, and with a snarl mixed of disgust, anger and irritation he turned and made his way back to the Dragon.

((this posting is related to the events in Murderous Monday))

Tales of the Cat / Animal Instinct
« on: July 16, 2007, 01:55:11 AM »
Based on activities in the Red Dragon Inn, 07/15/2007, approximately 11pm-1am
It was a quiet night in the Dragon. S'jira had turned in already but he was feeling restless and had gone out wandering about the city a bit. The common room was about half-full when he returned, and he spent some time just watching for a bit. There were so many new faces of late, so many new scents.

Jewell had wandered in, glowing from a battle in the rings, and from her mood it was a victorious night for her. As he followed her across the room towards the bar, she was intercepted by one he had been watching earlier. He didn't seem to speak, and just radiated heat.

"He uses hand words like Danae... " he called over to Jewell after a couple of failed attempts by her to talk to him in different tongues.

She replied with a questioning look "But I don't know that."

He started to turn and order a drink, his gaze shifting to Des and Gav behind the bar when she made a third attempt, speaking in a sort of high-pitched whistle that was like a mix of bird songs... and something he had never quite heard before.

And it sent a piercing, sharp pain right through his head.

His ears fell flat to his head, trying to shut out the sound, but it wasn't working and his head started swimming. A hand reached out to grab ahold of the edge of the bar, even as the fingers on the other hand reached to rub his temple. Slow deep breaths were taken, pressure point near his temple was stroked and his eyes closed as he tried to shut out the ... no... not the sound, he was beyond hearing the sound from without. It was the sounds from within that were rising now. He tried to calm himself, but he knew it was already too late. He could feel things changing.

" okay?"

He heard her, smelled her, then felt her as Jewell's fingers brushed his shoulder. He could also feel the muscles under her touch moving of their own accord. "What's going on..." she quietly asked.

He reached out, fingers fumbling to untie the band of braided leather at his wrist, he nearly  shoved it in to her hand...

If she answered, he no longer heard it, the sound of blood rushing through his body was all he could hear.

He tried to speak, and it was harder than it should be. "Tell 'jirrrrra...." it came out as a rumble... "back as soon as can... "  He pried his hand from the edge of the bar, the gouges in the wood left as an indication of his tight grip. That hand clenched to a fist as he turned. "watch herrrrrr...."

His eyes no longer truly saw, but he smelled, and as he turned a past Jewell the female felines scent hit him.. full on and right before him. All he could manage was a guttural snarl before he was moving for the door. By the time he was halfway there, a chair or two had been knocked aside and he was nearly running. As he hit the door way, he practically lept out in to the night on all fours. And a second after that he was swallowed up by the darkness surrounding the Inn.

Tales of the Cat / Dealing with Devils
« on: July 12, 2007, 11:37:54 PM »
From The Outback - July 9, 2007 - Approximately 19:40-21:00
Monday night, the Inn was crowded. More so than usual, which was unusual given Fists was happening tonight. S'jira and he had been at the bar getting something to drink, and the crowd was just getting to be a bit much. For both of them.

Someone he had been trying to bump in to for a couple of days wasn't there, but since the Outback was open there was a good chance she would be there. A good excuse to get away from the crowd for a bit, and maybe S'jira would enjoy seeing the Outback.

And there she was, the governor herself. Lounging at the bar watching the duel taking place. After asking S'jira if she wanted anything he suggested she watch the duel while he go grab a drink from the bar. He didn't want to worry her any more than she had been should she overhear what he needed to talk to Kitty about.

Information is what he was after, still. He had made a few more inquires, or rather his alter-ego did, looking for any bits of information a loose purse-string may find on the streets and in the alleys around the city. But he knew Kitty had connections that even he could not reach, so it was worth asking her as well. She, herself did not know anything he did not already know, but promised to dig in to it. He tried to keep the conversation as private as possible, but given the small crowd in the Outback this night, others there were bound to overhear something. And sure enough someone did.

Tales of the Cat / What the hell was he thinking?
« on: July 09, 2007, 07:16:45 PM »
Another nearly sleepless night as he sits at the window in his room, the window cast open to let in the night breeze.

Another nearly sleepless night as he try and figure out just how things got to where they are right now.

The fingertips of his right hand worked absently over the band of braided leather about his left wrist. A gift from her... from S'jira... from the one that now looked to him as her master, the one that considered herself his servant, his property, his... slave.

It was barely a month or so past that he first met the small woman, huddled near the hearth. He knew right away she was a stranger to town, didn't know how she got here, but that didn't matter. So many like this end up at the Dragon. But there was something about this one that was different. Yes, she was a beauty. But the way she carried herself, shied from his gaze... from any gaze... He suspected from the start, but she was alone, so he couldn't be sure.

He ended up offering her a job, laundry and such a few days a week. The standard pay was offered, and a room where a number of other workers stay was part of the deal. She accepted both.

Over the following weeks, she became a fixture about the Inn. Whether in the back working on washing or folding, or sitting at the hearth, mending linens. And slowly he would learn her story. Some from her directly, some from whispered words, and some from a bit of outright snooping. She was a slave, more than likely born as such. Her most recent master was killed and lay near RhyDin. And now she was alone, fending for herself. And doing quite well at it. Even without the work he offered, she was surviving.

He had tried to show her this on an occasion or two, but to change such ways, if it is possible, will take more than a brief stay at the Dragon and some encouraging words from him.

Site News / If you can read this...
« on: May 28, 2007, 04:54:19 PM »
...that means you are now viewing Dragon's Mark on its new server.

There may still be a few bumps in the road in the coming week as we make sure everything is working ok, so please bear with us. We hope you will find the wait was worth it.

Site News / Biting the Bullet
« on: May 28, 2007, 11:40:01 AM »
Ok, a small obstacle. The forums here are not able to access the new database like we hoped.

This means we in effect need to shut down the site here, change the DNS to point to the new server, and as the change propogates across the net, when people come to and they will start seeing the new copy instead of the old.

This is also going to effect folks with email address.

It is unavoidable, we would rather not do it on a holiday, but it is the one time Xeno and I are both available to work on this. This will all be taking place over the next couple of hours.

So.... keep your fingers crossed folks, and see you on the 'other side'.

Site News / Live RP is now on NEW Server
« on: May 26, 2007, 11:45:08 PM »
As of about 10 minutes ago, the RDI Live RP is running on the database on the new server.

Other than everyone getting bumped and having to reload the chat page, it was a seamless transition.

We will be changing the forums over to the new database as well in the next day or so, until then there will be two issues you should be aware of:

1) Names registered from here on out will NOT be able to access the chat until we make the move to switch the forums to the new database. (again, hopefully in the next 24 hours)

2) The list of those in the chat will NOT show up on the RDI site, again, until the forums are working of the new database as well.

Site News / Past the Half-Way Mark!
« on: May 22, 2007, 11:53:16 PM »
We are nearly at 60% of our goal for contributions by June 1 to help support the move to the new server. Please visit to contribute.

Site News / Site Problems Continue
« on: April 27, 2007, 12:04:05 AM »
I appreciate the patience of everyone as we try to work through the site access problems.  AIM users have been opening an AIM room at times - paste this address in to your browser to join aim:GoChat?RoomName=RDI  - I will continue to post updates as I have something new to add. -Panther

Site News / Open Discussion Tonight
« on: April 06, 2007, 01:58:29 PM »
Have questions about the RDI? Pharos Station? or Dragon's Mark in general? Panther will be hosting an open discussion in the Dragon's Mark Chat tonight at 9pm Eastern. (

Site News / New room added to the Live RP
« on: March 18, 2007, 07:46:13 PM »
Southern Glen
To the south of RhyDin city amidst rolling, forested hills a glen is nestled. It's a valley saturated with magic, a place sought out by creatures of the woods and humans seeking refuge from the city alike. Narrow towards the east, the glen opens up onto a small lake at the western end.

Caves and tunnels burrow into the surrounding hills, many still unexplored and hiding the treasures of the earth. Some have a faint light from coming within, some are just dark with shadow.

A small, under-traveled path leads to a glade west of the glen with a small pool off to the one side that is fed by an underground spring. The pool spills off into a small stream that winds its way through the trees until it eventually reaches the lake.

If one listens carefully, just beneath the sound of running water and chirping birds, they can hear the roar of dragons and the laughter of pixies. It is surely a magical place.

Site News / Chat Disaster Over
« on: March 16, 2007, 11:21:58 PM »
The Red Dragon Inn live rp chat was down for about an hour tonight.

We're not sure what happened... but after a hasty install of an upgraded chat version (which was planned for this week anyways), we're back up and running...

Please don't forget about - this is the primary place we post when there are known issues (assuming we're handy to deal with and post about them) - especially handy if the entire site is down.

You can bookmark it or add it to your RSS reader.

Site News / RDI "Chat Client"
« on: January 24, 2007, 08:45:20 PM »
Want a way to access the Live RP in the RDI that is a bit more resource friendly? There's a new "chat client" out for Windows that accesses the Live RP for the Red Dragon Inn. See the Open Discussions folder for more info.

RhyDin Election / ((What is this for))
« on: January 02, 2007, 09:10:30 PM »

With the upcoming election storyline that so many are involved in, either as participants or just keeping up on, we decided to create an area for anyone and everyone to post things related to the impending election.

Candidates are welcome to post their news and views.

Voters, Curious Onlookers, and the rest are welcome to participate in grilling the candidates, offering opinions and what not.

Please keep all postings in this area related to the overall story arc regarding the election and "politics of RhyDin" in general, and as always be courteous of others and the threads they start in this folder.  

Thank you.

Tales of the Cat / The Lost Files: The Journey to Stronsberg
« on: November 28, 2006, 09:52:53 PM »
((a start to another small storyline that was started a long time ago.... ))

He made his way back towards the Inn, stopping by the stables along the way. He told the stable boy to have the horses ready in 30 minutes, along with enough oats for four days. He tossed the boy a couple silvers to help assure the horses would be ready on time.

A quick trip up the back stairs and down the hall to his room, he paused a moment to figure out what he needed to bring. Throwing spikes. He grabbed a handful and dropped them in the pocket of his side pouch and tossed a few more in another pack. A vial of poison, just a sedative really, but a strong one, that goes in the side pouch too. A blanket gets stuffed in the sack, along with some dried fruits and meat.

Closing up the pack he moves towards the window, but not before grabbing a small hawk - with a blade strong enough to split kindling and sharp enough to skin a deer. It hooks onto the strap of the side pouch, the handle lightly thumping against his thigh as he pushes open the window, leaps over the sill, a slight backhand pushing the window closed behind him as he drops to the ground below.

Then it's down the side of the building to Janella's room. He leaves his pack on the ground as he climbs the wall, pulls open the window, and climbs inside. A few moments later he is back out, hanging by the sill with one hand, dropping her bedroll to the ground from the other. Then he reaches up and gives the window a slight push, letting go of the sill with the other just before the window swings shut with a light -click-.

He scoops up the pack and tucks the bedroll under his arm as he turns back towards the stables. He would be early, but he would have time to give the horses a once over. He's never been comfortable traveling by horse.  He definitely preferred foot travel, and in full panther form he could cover just as much ground as a horse in a day. And had Janella not agreed to join him, he probably would have done just that.

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