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Tales of the Cat / Rebuilding
« on: April 06, 2008, 07:48:26 PM »
After spending about a week in doing repairs to the roof of the stables, he was now getting ready to rip piece of that roof apart.

The winter had not been kind to the roof that covered the loft over the stables, and while cleaning out what was mostly an collection of un-used junk he realized just how nice, how large a space that loft was.

The stables themselves were not used as much of late, and most of the straw and oats that used to be kept in the loft were now in the lower area where they were more accessible. Some tools and things, most of which would fit in an but a quarter of the loft, were still kept up here. Thoughts and ideas played through his mind as he worked on the roof repairs, and by the time they were done a general plan had formed itself.

Walling off a bit more than half the loft, at where the stairs came up, he could create a rather nice living space. One large enough for a sleeping area, a bath, and even a sitting area and small hearth for cooking.

It was not as if he needed the space, his room in the Inn was fine enough. But more and more thoughts of more than just himself were at the forefront of his mind. This loft would be big enough for him, and for S'jira. She would have room to work on her sewing, there could be a small table for them to eat at. Maybe even a couch by the hearth as well.

To the western side, the full height wall would be fine once some windows were added. On the eastern side, the sloping roof would not be a terrible thing, but maybe a couple dormer to allow air to flow in the warmer months and a bit more light as well.

And that is what he was doing now, ripping in to that roof for the first dormer. One that would be in the sleeping area, near the end of the loft. Large enough to be a quiet place for S'jira to sit while doing her bead work.

He had planned to do the dormer first, but a bit of rain kept him inside for a few days. The rough framing for the bath was in. There was water that serviced the stable he could work off of, which was good. He had grown quite accustomed to his private bath. Especially the ones of late that were not-so-private.

A slip of a smile crossed his face at those thoughts, and once again he had to wonder how he had come to this place. How she had come to his life. They were questions that would ultimately remain unanswered, but that was ok.

Tales of the Cat / Sweet Dreams
« on: March 03, 2008, 10:16:20 PM »
The moonlight spilling in from the window cast a silver glow about the room, his own shadow falling across the foot of the bed as he stood behind the arm chair, his folded arms resting on the back of it.

Even without the moonlight, he would see her plain as day in his mind. Each curve, angle and line from the rounding of her ears to the splaying of her toes as she walked barefoot across the floor.

But right now, he just watched her. There was still enough light for him, even in this current form to plainly make out her features as she lay curled up, partially covered by the blankets. Her dark hair splashed across the lighter fabric of the pillow. Her chest rising and falling a bit with each breath.

He had no idea how things came to this point. He wasn't sure he cared. S'jira was so unlike any other woman he had let so close. Scratch that, in her own way, she was as strong or stronger than any of them, but she was also still discovering herself.

A bit of a shiver ran down his back. The cool night air is noticed much more when he is not wearing his 'coat'. A quick glance over his shoulder and he figures there is still a couple hours to go before the sun comes up, and a bit longer before either of them need to actually rise.

Moving from behind the chair he steps up alongside the bed, and careful to  not disturb her sleeping form he pulls aside the blanket and slides back under them himself. Her skin feels warm against his as he gets settled and she moves closer in her sleep.

He manages to slip an arm under the pillow her head is on, and a moment later she shifts again, an arm is draped across his chest and his shoulder becomes  her new pillow. He turns his head to press a light kiss to her temple. His eyes closing as he draws in a slow breath and drinks in her scent... holding it for a few moments before exhaling as he lays his own head back against his pillow, drifting back to sleep again with very pleasant thoughts still floating through his mind.

Site News / DoM comes to the RDI
« on: February 19, 2008, 12:56:50 AM »
Duel of Magic will now be in the RDI chat on Tuesdays!

Read More

Site News / Site Down for Maintenance 02/09
« on: February 07, 2008, 10:04:07 PM »
The Dragon's Mark sites will be down from approximately midnight-4am, 2/9 (Friday Night/Saturday Morning) so our hosting company can do some maintenance on the servers.

The chat for the RDI is currently on a different server however, so you can still reach it by going to

Tales of the Cat / Coming Home
« on: February 06, 2008, 09:10:28 PM »
It was a bit after 11 as he crossed the bridge and turned up the road that would take him to the Red Dragon Inn. It had been a slow walk back to town. S'jira had dozed off to a fitful sleep as he carried her.

He entered the Dragon from a back door, pausing only briefly to speak with one of the stable hands. Making the arrangements for the other half of the promised gold to be sent southward. A description of Gracus and his men was given, along with a message of thanks and some extra gold for the tavern keep there.

Then up the rear staircase he went, taking her to his room. Somehow, with her still in his arms, he managed to pull back the covers and lay her in the bed without waking her.

As he stood there for a few moments, just looking down at her, he could only imagine the pain Gracus had inflicted on her in the short time she had been taken. He knew there were wounds that would need attention, but for now, if she was able to sleep he figured it best to let her.

He could use some himself, he though, as he moved to the large arm-chair near the foot of the bed. He turned it from it's usual position facing the window so it faced the bed and slumped down in to it. After a moment of trying to get comfortable, he reached behind his back and pulled the large knife from it's sheath and dropped it to the floor beside the chair before settling back again.

He sat there, watching her. Watching the slight rise and fall of her chest with each breath. It was not sounding as bad as it had last night. Hopefully the ribs, if any were broke, would heal ok.

He was relieved that he was able to return without anyone getting hurt. Not that he had not wanted to tear into everyone in that camp... but the risk of S'jira getting hurt, or worse, was too great. He knew Gracus, or at least his type. He doubted this was the last he would hear of him. It may be a while, but he was sure he would get an opportunity to turn the tables on him at some point.

His gaze stayed on her, watching her, until they finally drifted closed and he too got some much needed rest.

Tales of the Cat / A Woodland Encounter
« on: January 31, 2008, 11:03:40 PM »
Daybreak was approaching, the birds were becoming more active around the woods, and he could no longer see stars above him in the breaks between the trees. Rising from his lean against a tree he stepped to the pathway and started towards the camp of Gracus. Even this time of year the trees provided enough overhead cover that it was still quite dark along the path, and that was fine. He moved to within a stones throw of the encampment, within easy sight once anyone decided to move around to this side of the large tent in the center of the grouping. He could just make out one of the men around the side of it still sitting by the low fire.

The noise of the birds was making it a bit harder to pick up individual sounds as they drifted from the camp, and he was slightly upwind now. He could still hear some heavy breathing coming from the area of the main tent, and the sound of some labored breathing came to him as well, causing him to scowl every so slightly. He closed his eyes a moment, taking a deep breath... then opened his eyes.

There he stood, in the middle of the trail, his arms folded across his chest and his gaze falling on the center of the encampment, and waited.

Tales of the Cat / Following a Luke-Warm Trail
« on: January 27, 2008, 10:12:15 PM »
He had made it back to his room, and quickly changed. The pair of leggings stayed, but the shirt was stripped off. His leather bracers were laced up on his fore-arms and each slit filled with a needle-like throwing spike, a dozen on each arm. Some heavier ones were in the pouch on the belt drawn about his waist, with a longer knife in the sheath at the small of his back. Also from the belt hung a pair of sheaths that were strapped to the outside of each thigh. Each sheath held a pair of 'billy clubs', roughly a foot and a half in length each. They could be used on their own, or clicked together to make a staff as flexible as (and light as) rattan but harder than steel. A nice gift some years ago from a dwarven friend.

Next was a light mail vest. The rings were light enough and loose enough they would do nothing against a piercing blow, but it definitely helped prevent errant slashes from reaching his skin. It covered his mid-section and back, slit up the sides just enough to allow decent movement and for him to easily draw his knife. Against his fur, the rings were nearly silent as he moved about the room, rolling his shoulders, twisting his torso. It had been some time since he had worn the mail, and if things did come to blows at all, he would have to adjust his movements a bit. A dark colored, loose fitting shirt was pulled on, the sleeves cut off just below the shoulders. He was as ready as he was going to get.

As he moved out the door of his room and towards the stairs, he hoped none of the weapons he carried would be needed. From what he learned about Gracus and his clan, he hoped the show of power would be enough to get his attention and that the promise of gold would keep it. But he was more than prepared if his hopes turned out to be fruitless.

Tales of the Cat / A constant struggle
« on: January 06, 2008, 07:42:56 PM »
A brother.

Was there not always a brother? In the stories, when ever there is a fallen warrior, there is always the brother. Waiting at home for his return. Ready to seek vengeance when he does not.

The days since he first approached Aziz had become a week, and a bit more, but the information coming back to him was good. The symbol was that of Kiroth's family. A crest of sorts. This much he knew from what little 'jira had spoken. But it was good to have Aziz confirm it, and quickly. It only served to verify that he was taking this seriously.

Beyond that there would still be some waiting. He knew now of where the lands they lived were, but they were some ways off. He knew the family had a pair of brothers. Kiroth and Gracus, and that Kiroth had left his home some time ago for reasons and destination yet unknown.

Of course he knew the where, even if not the why.

He could ask S'jira. She would tell him what she knew, he did not doubt that. But asking her now may only server to worry her needlessly.

Many strides had been taken by her in the months since last summer, the biggest but a couple weeks ago when she removed his 'claim' to her by returning the pendant he had put around her neck.

In all honesty, he had nearly forgotten about it. So used to seeing her almost daily, going about her own... life. No, that was a lie. He was reminded of it every time he looked at her. Smelled her. Reminded him that she looked to him as a master, not... well, and as long as she did so that was all there could be.

But he allowed himself to become complacent. There were those about who would still try to take everything she fought for away from her, even more so now. And when she made one of her visits to her formers grave, he realized it was not just those from within RhyDin that she may need to be shielded from, but that she had a past that may very well be racing to catch up to her.

He could feel himself being drawn to her, more and more. And because of this... or maybe despite this, he was unsure which, he knew more than ever he had to protect her.

Tales of the Cat / Digging
« on: December 30, 2007, 06:19:46 PM »
Moving away from the Inn just as the sun was starting to rise, he turned to make his way towards the Market. As he moved down the road, mindful of the puddles of slush here out a habit to move quietly more than any concern over getting wet his hand slipped to a pouch at his hip, fingers finding the smooth round stone he had put there after she had returned it to him. It played between his fingers for a few moments before he pulled his hand free once again.

Less than two days ago it was about her neck, he doubted S'jira had removed it even to bathe in the months since he first slipped it about her neck as a sign of his claim over her. The weeks had gone by quickly and she had made great changes in that time, he often would find himself wondering just how she viewed him. While he felt she was beyond looking to him as a master, the alternative possibly put him at even less ease.

Passing in to the area that was the Market Place, shop fronts were just starting to be opened, the sound of cart wheels against cobbles as the city was waking for another day.  Slipping past the book store he could smell the fresh baked pastries in the oven of the tea shop inside and then he turned down an alley that snaked it's way across the next couple of blocks.

At first, he had figured it was nothing more than her trying to appease her new 'master'. The over the following days and weeks he tried to tell himself it was just a crush. She was ... beautiful, of that there was no doubt. Not that the thought of taking her to his bed had not crossed his mind, but he was nearly twice her age. And he had promised himself he would not take her like that while she still thought herself as 'his', not in that way. No matter how he felt about her, to do so would be ... wrong. But by the gods, there were times he could not get her out of his mind. Her soft voice, the gentle smile, and her scent. Even now he could smell it as if she were standing next to him.

A slight shift in direction and he paused near the back door of one of the and made as if he was looking from doorway to doorway, pulling a piece of parchment from his pouch he glanced to the blank surface, and then scanned the different doorways again. The casual observer would likely consider him to be looking to match a shop name or other description to one of the various rear entries, when actually he was taking the time to verify there was nobody else within sight or earshot.  Reaching up with one hand he raked his fingers through still damp hair before back-tracking the way he came by a few doorways.

A latch is lifted and the door under the unmarked entry swings open on very well oiled hinges. He moves inside, closing the door behind him. The short hallway is lit by a dim oil lamp mounted on the wall to his right. There is another door a few paces further in, a rather solid looking one. But rather than moving to it, he turns and raps out a short series of knocks on the wall to his left. A moment goes by and what looked to be a knothole in a board that makes up the wall opens up and an eye is just barely seen in the darkness beyond.

"Yar errly" a gravely voice is heard from behind the wall.

"I said by 8. It is not yet then. And I know he is up or you would not be."

There was a short pause, the knothole was replaced and the sound of iron against wood was heard, and then a section of the wall swung silently inward. A brief glance was made to the one guarding the doorway, and while half a head shorter than he was, the guard was nearly twice his weight. A polite nod was given as his cloak and pouch were put to a hook at the landing, the piece of parchment was flashed to the guard and he moved down the staircase that took two, three, and then a fourth turn before coming to a landing in the cellar of the building overhead. The room there was simple, but clean and well kept. Some nice rugs on the floor and a few comfortable chairs were grouped near each other near what could well be described as a throne of sorts. A high back, plush chair, ornately decorated with embroidery and bead work on a slightly raised platform against the back wall of the room. There were a number of doors on a couple of the walls that led to rooms and passes that connected to other cellars.

The lamps were still burning low as he moved to stand behind one of the chairs closest the 'throne'. Now he would wait, and he knew it. It was part of the game, part of the dance. His fingertip drummed lightly on the back of the chair as he stood there. He did not gaze about the room. He had been here enough to know all the details of the things about him. And other than a chair or two being arranged differently at times, nothing here changed.

The minutes ticked by and one of the doors opened. That is one thing that did change, it seemed each time he entered, Aziz would come from a random door. It too was part of the game. The door was opened by a guard, who entered the room and then held the door as Aziz entered, dressed in a finely tailor clothes. Nothing flashy, but definitely of high quality and the finest weaves. A polite nod was given to Aziz as he moved to sit upon his throne and motioned for his guest to have a seat as well.

A quick glance was made to the guard who remained by the door Aziz had entered from and he moved around to sit in the chair he had been standing behind.

"This visit is unexpected my friend," the caramel smooth voice of Aziz said, "is your client looking for work so soon again?"

A slight shake of his head. "No, things are fine in that regard. I come on behalf of another client... " That elicited a slight raise of an eyebrow from Aziz "... more of a personal favor for a friend I suppose." Friend of a friend, more of the game. "When it was brought to me, I felt it was something a man of your... influence was the best to ask for help." The parchment he had been holding was offered out and taken.

"I am looking for anything and everything there is to know about that symbol. This will likely go beyond RhyDin. All questions should be asked discretely of course."

"Of course." Aziz replied, then glanced over to the parchment, finding a rubbing that showed a circle, inside of which was a hawk, a pair of swords clutched in it's talons.

Tales of the Cat / A Two Way Conversation
« on: December 30, 2007, 12:58:23 PM »
He rose early, even though sleep had been elusive of late. Turning he sat on the edge of the bed for a few moments, his eyes quickly adjusting to the lack of light of this pre-dawn hour. Fingers ran over the elk fur under him, the gift of a blanket that was too warm for his use but was soft enough that it made for a nice pad to sleep upon, and then rose.

Moving across the room and through the doorway he looked to the private bath, the one all ready and waiting with steaming water. After relieving himself, a towel was taken from the wardrobe and tossed to the chair next to the tub and he stepped over the rim. Slowly he lowered himself in to the water's warm embrace, relaxing back agaisnt the end of the tub.

After laying there for a few moments, his eyes nearly closed, enjoying the soaking his took in a slow breath and with a shift of his legs slowly slipped entirely under the surface of the water.

Seconds ticked by, maybe minutes before a figure that few would recognize resurfaced. Gone was the short muzzle, the whiskers, the fur, leaving behind the visage of a man.

As he sank back agaisnt the end of the tub again, a hand absent of any sort of claws reached for a wash cloth and bar of soap kept within reach of the tub and started working the two into a lather. Sitting up a bit more arms, shoulders and chest were washed as his thoughts drifted, replaying events over the last few days, weeks, and even months.

While it became almost tiresome to continue to explain when asked, he never has truly laid claim to ownership of the Inn. Kairee was the closest thing to an owner the Dragon would ever have, and he didn't' believe even she could truly do so. No. The Inn could have no owner, but it had those it allowed to act on its behalf. 'ree was at the top of that list. Her connection to the nexus tied her to the Inn like no other could be. While he... he just sort of fell in to the whole thing those years ago. And even after trying to, well, escape from it he was drawn back once again.

But it was different now. Subtle, so very subtle at first, like whispering voices half-heard from across the room. Recently however it became more pronounced. The Dragon started ... talking to him. Impressions, feelings, enough to tell him about things taking place inside before he even entered, all through the lightest of touches.

And then there was last night.

Rising from the tub he grabbed the towel and started drying off as he stepped to the rug on the floor. He had some things to attend to that Panther could not, so as he started dressing in some warmer than usual clothes his mind continued to play back the events of the previous evening.

As he returned to the Inn and moved across the porch, he knew as soon as he touched the wall that something was going on inside. He paused, listening, taking it in before entering. A girl in some trouble, about to flee. Not the best thing to do at the moment... so as he reached out to rest a hand against one of the wooden columns that support the roof and rafters overhead, he asked for it to be prevented.

And it was.

The how, the why of this still puzzled him as he pulled on a pair of wool socks and soft leather boots. He would need to talk to 'ree about it. Soon. She may be able to give some insight. But for now there were other things do to.

Grabbing a simple woollen cloak and moving to the door he brushed his fingers over the wood and turned his head slightly. Assured that no one was roaming the upper hall he moved out of the room and down the hall towards the common room. Any stragglers there at this hour would think nothing of the man coming down from the upstairs rooms and heading out at the start of another day.

Site News / Dragon's Mark Calendar "Contest"
« on: November 07, 2007, 01:57:36 PM »
We want to put out a 2008 Dragon's Mark calendar featuring art based on the Red Dragon Inn and Pharos Station, but we need YOUR help.

Site News / RDI Expansion Packs
« on: September 29, 2007, 11:54:19 PM »
Mount Yasuo, the first of a number of planned 'expansion packs' for the RDI setting is coming soon!

Read more about what is coming up.

Site News / Room Naming Contest
« on: September 25, 2007, 06:10:52 PM »
The RDI will be adding a new room to the Live RP line up, and YOU have a chance to pick the name.

Read More Here

Site News / Character Introductions
« on: September 14, 2007, 01:53:21 PM »
We've added a sub-folder to the RDI Playables for folks to post character introductions.

Tales of the Cat / ((A brief history of the RDI Prefix))
« on: September 09, 2007, 01:50:08 PM »
First posted on Players Assisting Player - 10/24/2004

Originally... hosts all over AOL had different "prefixes" in their names to denote they were part of a specific area.

RDI was the prefix for the FFGF (which was a part of the Online Gaming Forums, the rest of the OGF used OGF, we were special ;>)

Also at that time AOL only allowed 10 character screen names. So for an RDI with the space after, you were only allowed 6 characters for your actual name. That's why I was RDI Panthr when I was first hired. It's also why Guides had three letter names (I was Guide NEE for a number of years) and TechLive reps had just two characters (I was also TechLiveRP). RDL had to be restricted as well so you couldn't use the lower case version and cause problems as RDl Panthr, which unfoturnately happened (not to me specifically) before AOL did restrict it.

At that time, the RDI (and other prefixes) were restricted, AOL was able to control who created what name, and generally you had a small window of opprtunity to do so before it expired and that name was lost.

When longer SNs were allowed, AOL started moving towards standardizing the host names. They felt that people moving from area to area shouldn't have to guess at who was and was not an actual host for an area.

So all hosts that worked in chat rooms were given the HOST prefix followed by a space, followed by an area ID, a space, then the host's "name".  The RDI is part of the Games Channel, so they are seen as HOST GAME xxxxxx. I was part of an area called the Writer's Club for awhile, and had the name HOST WRTR xxxxxx (actually, I don't even remember what my actual host name was... heh)

"hosts" who work behind the scenes, like board monitors, use the LDRS GAME xxxxx format to denote they are forum leaders I guess.

As I said earlier, I creted the SN RDI Panther (I added the E back in because I could :) to see if it would work. It did, and sat idle the last few years.

Now I use it to do much of what I did when I was RDI Panthr those years ago. To help set the tone of the room, help people that seem to need it, and have some fun tending the bar.

I could easily do this, and have, as either Panther or Ashandar, but I started using the RDI name a few weeks back when the room was getting busy, and it was hard for people coming in to really tell there was someone tending the bar. Even when I would call out to them, ask for their order, etc.. they may not pick up on it because they are looking for that HOST name by default. I was hoping that putting the RDI on there would give folks a visual clue that yes, someone might be behid the bar.

Unfortunately... there is absolutely no way to keep the snerts from creating RDI type names.

Creating an RDI name (thankfully for me) is not cause in and of itself to be TOS'd. However we can, and all should continue to report those who cause room disrution, it doesn't matter if they've created an RDI name or not.

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