Delphinea Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Delphinea Quinn - Scathachian name "Phin"
Place of Origin:
Island of Shadow
Tall and very muscular, she stands over six feet three inches tall.  Most women fret about their weight, a pound here a pound there, but not Phin.  She weighs in at about 240 lbs, and she's not shy about it.  While she may not be as outspoken as some of the other Sisters, she's fiercely loyal and extremely devout.  Sun bleached blonde hair and very muscular, tanned limbs are usually as uncovered as possible. She proudly bears the ritualistic Scathachian tattoos, one on the back of each of her strong hands. Modesty isn't a virtue of this one.  It's not that she's vain, it's just more comfortable to not be constrained by shoes and too much clothing.  Sea salt on her lips and beach sand in between her long toes are two of her favorite things!  Her third favorite thing is shoving those aforementioned long toes down some pompous man's throat to either gag or smother them. Men are such pains, and sometimes they just need to be shut up. The same can also be said of some women, however, and thus her huge bare feet are just as easily utilized to suffocate them as well.  Primarily disillusioned and unimpressed with males, it's no wonder she prefers the company and the affection of women.
Scathachian Warrior
Additional Notes:
Just like all of the Scathachian warriors, Phin is highly trained in swords, chakrams and the bow.  She has chosen her field of specialty, though: the bow and arrow.  Phin is known for nailing moving targets from horseback.  Her dominant foot fighting skills rank among the best of the Sisters. She is also the reigning wrestling champ on the Island, body mass accounts for so much, you know!
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