Piper Adult Wyrm

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Character Name:
Piper Tippet
Human. The blood line is pure
Place of Origin:
Warpara, Canterbury, New Zealand
A silver acorn adorns her neck.  A black onyx pin encased in mithril is pinned to her modest peasant blouse.  

A sturdy leather pouch is tied at her waist.  Within is a host of handy items, the most recent addition a tear drop of amethyst - lightning struck through silvery streaks.
Pottery (Stoneware, Earthenware, Porcelain)
Additional Notes:
She had learned to listen to silence the way most would listen to a lover's heartbeat  and it cloaked her every footfall. The quiet click of a locked door as enticing as foreplay with the whisper of success along the spine as it swept open... There was an addiction , she supposed, in being where you weren't supposed to be, and going undiscovered. Rhythmic hips tick tocked a danger that clung to her very skin like the silk she wore and time was always of the essence.

She devours whatever she looks at, without greed or arrogance, simply because the world delights her.  It tastes good to her. She's easy to talk to.  Talking is fun for her. She will argue and cajole, careen from one subject to another. She hides many secrets behind that smile.

Her lips bent and knowing, a little bit leering, just sweet enough that you feel wont to assume some connection, some secret between you.
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