Elessaria Great Wyrm

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Character Name:
Elessaria Devabriel
Place of Origin:
Elessaria Devabriel, The Lady Fire of Evandar, is a petite & demure elf, with knee-length golden hair (not blonde) in which she often weaves fresh freesia blossoms. She measures about 150cm tall (not quite 5') and weighs a mere 37 kilos. Her feminine curves are clad in the finest & softest silks; she has recently developed an affinity for high heels-- the higher the better. (Examples of her outfit of the day/evening can be seen by clicking the www button in her profile.)

Eless looks more like a delicate featured human due to the many years she had spent morphed into a human for her safety after the decimation of her homeland, Evandar. She is the last of her particular race of elves. Upon first glance, one would describe her as the epitome of fragility, grace, and delicateness:  her beauty is ethereal and even more ephemeral due to the torture she endured during her most recent capture by her tormentor of decades. One cannot fail to notice Eless' unique eyes. More expressive than most, the blue flames which reside within reflect The Empath's moods and are testament to her heritage as one of the House of Devabriel.

Do not mistake her gentle demeanor, lady-like comportment and propriety for weakness-- she has an inner strength that often surprises even herself.
Owner of Heart Notes Parfumerie, Empath, Healer
Additional Notes:
Elessaria's aura is one of warmth, comfort & compassion like a warm fire in a hearth; however, she is much more wary and skittish than before her capture. She is a fierce friend and a protector of innocents.

Only 149 years old (she estimates she'd be in her early to mid-twenties if she were human), the young magess wields the powerful and rare magic of "spellfire" and is an extremely sensitive empath. A talented healer, she has used her early roots in herb lore to create a highly successful parfumerie which specializes in custom-crafted, couture fragrances.

Eless rarely displays the true power of her gifts, because those who serve the Dark always search to destroy the Servant of the Light.

Elessaria wears a seamless, silver coloured band crafted by Connar Valdor -- a physical representation of their betrothal.
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