Minoko Funaki Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Minoko Funaki
Place of Origin:
Feudal Japan
She smiles in the hollowest of ways. Lips can barely be bothered to bend, and there's no sort of gleam to her gaze. Her scent is that of freshly cut lemons, more often than not mixed with alcohol. Eyes are dark. Hair, falling down to the small of her back, is darker. She stands at five and a half feet, far taller than your average Japanese girl. Curves are hidden under a kimono when she's working, "modern" clothing when she's not. Her age rests somewhere in her late twenties, though her face would make one think that she was at least a few years younger.
Inn Owner and Tender
Additional Notes:
Her powers were not earned, but rather gifted to her in a bizarre turn of events that came from a kidnapping and a death. Metal is her element, and with it she can do whatever she pleases. Flurries of alloy sakura petals are born on the wind; shields are generated from outstretched palms; bullets appear before pointed fingers and are shot off leaving a trail of pink light behind. That is her giveaway, the only sign that she is in control: a bright pink glow is emitted from whatever she takes hold of with her ki. If she chooses to use a pre-made weapon then she'll likely go with a bow, something that she was trained to use from a young age, or a katana. Constant restlessness has led to frequent running. She's made a habit of running every day, and she's quite fast at that. Minoko also knows her way around the kitchen. She�s a decent cook that can make any drink imaginable.
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