Brian Ravenlock Old Wyrm

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Character Name:
Brian Alexander McDineen-Ravenlock
Place of Origin:
Tyrsis & Tantagel
Brian Alexander McDineen-Ravenlock

Height : 6' 2"

Weight : 240 lbs

Eyes : Azure Blue

Hair : Colored of his namesake, Raven. Straight, and reaches below his shoulders.


Patriarch of the Ravenlock Family, and founding member..

Husband to one Jenai Ravenlock (Married 05/03/2013 at the Beltane Bonfire Festival)

Father to Aleyah, Nathressa & Dominick Ravenlock, Elena Isuelt Ravenlock (Daughter of Brian & Charlotte), Lucy Ravenlock (Daughter of Brian & Renna), and Yotsuba Urashima-Ravenlock (adopted)

Brother.. Cousin.. Uncle.. And now, we may add Grand Father to that list, courtesy of Lucy�s son Brian.


Formerly :

Minister of Citizen Resources for the City of Rhy'din

Acting Commander : City of Rhy'din Emergency Medical Services, And Fire Response Division

Vice President of the Rhy�din Springs Water Company

Member of the Order of Ebonhold

Templar to the Order of Marfa

Wanted Criminal  in relation to several acts of terrorism against the city of Rhy�din.


Currently :

Founding member of the Greater Rhy'Din Market Place Chamber of Commerce

Founder of the Ravenlock Center for Community Partnership (�RCP�)

Member of the Rhy�din Emergency Response & Medical Service w/ a current status of �Active Reserve�

Public Member of the Avenger's Initiative

Decorated member of the Rhy'din Military, holding the rank of Captain w/ a current status of �Active Command�.

Unit attachment : Rhy'Din Watch and Localized Militia, 27th Division Special Response and Logistics, based out of the Market Place. (Captain)

Retainer to Lady Kairee of the Red Dragon

Member of the �Forsaken Blades�

Future 110th Husband to the infamous Tara


Ally  to the following :

Scathachian Nation,
The Clandestine Order of the Seraphim,
The Blood House Onyx,
The Onyx Lotus,
 The Coalition of Harbor-age,
Bristle Crios,
The Avengers Initiative,

Semi-Retired Adventurer / Political Activist
Additional Notes:
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