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She-Wolf of the Seas
Character Name:
Shylah "Shy" Vulpecula
Human (with a twist)
Place of Origin:
Den Skandinaviske halvøya; Norge
Tall, trim and toned. Eyes are the lightest hue of blue. Long red hair is customarily worn in a braid, draping down the front of her blouse on the left hand side; a precious gemstone anchors two Satin ribbons that are interwoven throughout the plait. Her red tresses and fair skin softly impart the delicate floral fragrances of lilac and exotic white ginger. Single. Appears to be in her mid-to-late thirties.

Two thin scars mar the left side of her lovely face: One is above the eyebrow, extending into the hairline directly over her temple. The other intersects the first and trails down ending near her earlobe. Healed claw marks are visible on her right forearm. Additional scars are hidden beneath her clothing, as is a tattoo.

An etched silver-and-gold band of her Norse clan is worn on her upper left arm, indicating her Warrior status. 3 small rings adorn the same ear: 2 gold, 1 silver; the silver being more prized of those two metallic elements. An exquisite Elven-crafted band graces her right ring finger.

Attire usually consists of Silk and Suede: A daintily embroidered blouse of Scandinavian design, and supple doeskin breeks. Also wears buttery-soft leather gloves, fur-trimmed knee-high boots, and a hooded cloak; one of arctic wolf and fox furs during the colder month's. Clinging to her clothing is a delicious aroma of combined spices: Muskat (nutmeg), Vanilje (vanilla) and Kanel (cinnamon). Underlying those is the subtle scent of Frankincense.

Carries a sword upon her back, a whip at her hip, and daggers with runic markings. Dangling from her weapons belt is a mystical, sun-bleached raven skull. Hva du ser ikke, kan drepe deg.
Seafaring Warrior; Leder of the drage-prow langskip 'Norsk Dronning'. Founder/President/CEO of Nordlys Incorporated. Entreprenør. Investor. Imports/Exports: most notably the finest quality furs, Scandinavian crystal, specialty liquors, and Antiquities.
Additional Notes:
Skills: Sailing, navigating, swimming, skiing, camping, etc. Highly adept with a whip and various blades. After a few years of strict practice she has now mastered the bow & arrow. Ambidextrous. Multi-lingual. Able to lip-read. Proficient in the arts of mimicry and distant voice. Keen senses. Excellent roaster of marshmallows-on-a-stick!

Cunning, with a dimpled smile.  A ruthless predator when necessary. However, despite her occasionally unsettling penchant for violence Shylah is a woman with heart and soul.

"Beware the Wolf," said the Viking. "Beware the Dragon," said the Wolf. "Beware the Viking," said the Dragon.  And Shy smiled.


(( Observe the Nordlys: ))
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