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Character Name:
Col. William "Wil" Savage
Place of Origin:
Born and raised on Alpha Cassiopea, now his official residence is Tau Ceti
SPECIAL NOTES: 1) His command decision at Rigel IV was called into question and he was tried for insubordination. The case was eventually dropped by the IISC with the voluntary retirement of Colonel Wil Savage. He received an honorable discharge without ceremony, after which he became secluded for 6 months. 2) Savage was married for two weeks. His wife was killed when counteragents representing a piracy trade group failed in their attempt to kill Savage. The shot that grazed his cheek struck Savage's wife in the head, killing her instantly. Savage killed the counteragent before he could get off a second shot. The case is still under investigation. Final Comment: He is categorized as "hot property" and all connections with the I.I.S.C. should be kept minimal to avoid confrontation with SECTOR. Savage is still considered unpredictable and extremely dangerous. If unsure of situation.....TERMINATE.
Agent for the I.I.S.C. (Interstellar Intelligence and Security Commission)
Additional Notes:
Training: Basic - Command Post Alpha, nu Hydra, Graduated with highest honors. Advanced - Planetary Forces, zeta Her. Specialized in planetary control and space systems. Graduated with honors. Specialized Training - Space Systems - Graduated with honors. Weapons Systems - Graduated with highest honors. Interstellar Fleet - Graduated with honors. Hand-to-Hand Combat - Certified to Level 7. Surveillance, Insurgence and Survival - Graduated with highest honors. Planetary Politics - Level 3 Clearance: Top Secret - Level 5. Cautions: Warning - considered lethal. Terminate upon suspicion. He carries a variety of concealed weapons and can activate body armor.
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