Ebon Ilnaren Old Wyrm

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Character Name:
Ebon Ilnaren
human (Talented)
Place of Origin:
a small village far, far away
Ebon's most notable features are his pure black eyes, expressive eyebrows, and black hair (with a touch of silver) that is longer in back and usually pulled back into a tail. His skin is tanned from years of exposure, and he carries himself with the grace and build of a gymnast.  He wears two rings--on his left hand, a wedding band forged by an old friend now long departed, and on his right, a ring crafted by his beloved Phen. He no longer dresses primarily in black, though there is always some item of apparel to match his name, the style varying depending on situation and mood.  

When prepared for a fight (or in "hero mode" as his wife calls it), Ebon wears an all-black ensemble consisting of a shirt and leggings of fine chainmail--not unlike mithril, apart from the color--over a bodysuit, with a sleeveless tunic, hood, and boots over that. A katar is sheathed on each hip, and bracers on his forearms can reshape themselves, upon mental command, into a metallic staff.
freelance adventurer, occasional diplomat, businessman, father figure
Additional Notes:
Ebon is psionic, a gifted telepath and telekinetic whose skill has been honed through years of training in war and peace, in adventure and leisure.  He is also a master of physical combat, both unarmed and with his battlestaff or twin katars.  Aside from his fighting skills, Ebon is a competent field medic, a skilled pianist, a fairly decent cook, excellent with horses--both riding and caring for them--and a devoted husband and father, both to his own children--Doran (18), Azure (12) and Olivia (6)--and to the numerous street children that he and Phen have taken in over the years.

Stardreamer Manor, a short distance outside of the city, is his primary home, and where his young charges reside, recover, and learn crafts to build their futures; in addition, he raises horses on the estate.  Ebon also owns a townhouse that the Ilnarens use as a residence within the city, as well as a yacht moored along the riverside.

Though he rarely makes use of them, Ebon has acquired a few titles, honors and aliases over his lifetime:
- Governor of Rhydin
- Councillor of Rhydin
- Licensed Hero of the City
- Lord of House Ilnaren in the court of House Girder
- Sandguard of the Khasin
- Scourge of the Scarlet Isles
- Black Knight of the Feranor
- Husband, Father and Free Man
- and also Hello!

That last part is just to make sure people are listening.

OOC note: The children's ages are as of April 2019.
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